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Nene's Bridesmaids

S7/EP18 |
Aired: 04/20/2014
Patti's good friend Nene Leakes enlists Patti's help setting up two of her single bridesmaids. 43:20

The Narcissist Meets The Inner Geek

S7/EP17 |
Aired: 04/10/2014
Internet celeb Justin Ross Lee is looking for his Kate Upton and former Air Force Captain Michael is a "geek-at-heart." 43:20

Return of the Tough Teddy Bear and The Shredder

S7/EP16 |
Aired: 04/03/2014
Returning client Steve is ready to give love another shot and Rachel Uchitel is ready to find love again. 43:19

Make Time For Love and Betting On Change

S7/EP15 |
Aired: 03/27/2014
"Vegas" Dave is a pro sports bettor and Patti’s next millionaire is mentalist Gerry McCambridge who has trouble finding love. 43:19

Frat Brat and Numb with Fear

S7/EP14 |
Aired: 03/20/2014
John has been living a frat boy’s life and Patti’s second millionaire David is a cosmetic dentist in San Francisco. 43:20

The Fixer and The Dick

S7/EP13 |
Aired: 03/13/2014
Justin Cooper is a sharp dresser who runs a tight ship while Chad Towersey loves to surf and loves the ladies more. 43:24

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