Africa Needs to Let Her Dreams Go

Alex thinks Africa and Tribble will never work and she's not sure Africa's music career is going to happen either.

I want to first start off by saying that I did not throw a drink or break a glass. And what exactly did Emily mean by saying my answers were "insecure"? Umm no! I am very secure with why I want to be a trophy wife. My mom was one! It is just how I was raised and apparently we were raised differently. Plain and simple! There are MANY proud housewives in the world. Yes I say "trophy" wife, but I do mean a dedicated housewife. I just think the word "trophy" is more fun and glamorous than the word "house"! Sorry that you are tripping over semantics, Emily! So trivial. Please just go do you because I'm going to do me!

Drinks Start to Fly
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And what’s with Emily's obsession with my hair? Girl you know nothing about black hair so just stop. But let's be clear, that was a wig and that close up did not do it any justice!

On a better note, Emily's family seems very sweet. (And I'm not just saying this so she won't "f--- me up!") I enjoyed watching her with her family because I also want to adopt, and I hope that we have the same relationship that they do.

I'm dying laughing about this whole Africa and Tribble thing! It's never going to work! Tribble is like the whitest guy ever and Africa is like "power to the people"! Come on, her name is actually AFRICA! It's not that I'm at all against interracial dating, but really, they are complete polar opposites. That's all I have to say about that. Moving on. . .

I really was trying to give Africa an apology when I saw her after her show. I honestly only waited to apologize because I felt that she needed to calm down a bit. I knew she was very mad after her birthday and just wanted to give her time. But as we all know Queen Zimbabwe, believes she is so high and almighty, like everyone should just fall to her feet! Girl, BYE! Be happy that I even felt the sincerity to apologize! She needs to stop acting like she is a star and REMEMBER that Alabama didn't want her, New York didn't want her, Los Angles didn't want her, and Atlanta is about to let her know that she is not wanted here either. If I was her and all of the top cities told me I couldn't sing either, I, especially at her age, would have found a new dream. . .Hey, I might want to be a trophy wife but at least I'm not in my thirties and chasing a dream that is clearly not going to happen!

If I were her I would let Vawn do the music thing while I just continue to be #TeamTrophyWife. Sometimes you have to know when to let go. Let it go Africa. She better be happy she is on this show because this is the only shot she has at maybe making her dreams come true.

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