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Honesty Doesn't Excuse Bad Behavior

Alex isn't buying Vawn's open relationship policy, nor does she think Africa has claims on him after only one date.

Hello again loves!

With Valentine's Day near, love was in the air. And Vawn had plenty to give. . .to Africa's dismay.

First of all, I did not realize that we were cuffing men after one date. Africa might have been a little overzealous in her assessment of her relationship with Vawn. Does she think that this was the first time that he microwaved a meal for someone? I've known Vawn for over four years. I've known him longer than I've known Africa and Emily. If I want to talk to my longtime friend, then I will. This isn't middle school.

Just because you go out on one date does not make a man off-limits to other women and it does not make him your boyfriend. At the time of the Valentine's Day party, Africa, Emily, and I were not on speaking terms. How was I supposed to know that Africa had gotten closer with Vawn? I went up to Vawn because he was a friendly face. Vawn and I flirt. We always have. That's us. I'm sorry that Africa got threatened so quickly. If she really were my friend, like she claims, then she would have known that Vawn and I already have a close friendship, and thus there was nothing to be jealous of.


But Vawn does not help the situation. None of this is new to me. . .or anyone (except Africa). Vawn is perpetuating the single black male stereotype -- a player. Too many men approach women and think that just because they are honest and open about their sexual lives that they can sleep with whomever they choose and that the girl should be OK with that. But that's just not true. Just because you are honest about your sexual transgressions, doesn't mean that you're not hurting someone. Honesty doesn't make you innocent, and I think that sometimes men use it to free themselves of guilt. I'm not sure if the scene came out the way he intended it to, but Vawn does do a better job of explaining himself in his new book! So read it! I'm glad that Tribble brought it up though! I keep learning more and more about this guy, and he really does seem like a true southern gentleman.

I think its interesting that Emily said that she would knock out a chick who is talking to a guy that she went on ONE date with!?! You two seem like y'all are very jealous women! No wonder both of you are single! Y'all are scaring all of the men away with your clinginess! Guys like to chase. Vawn chilled a bowl of strawberries and now she is going all around town acting like she is married to Vawn! Come on girl. You are too old to be behaving like this.

After seeing the way Africa and Emily acted at the party, I knew this was my chance to put my psychology degree to work! Vawn ditch the boring African Safari and come join the exciting circus. Safaris are often dangerous but at the circus, dreams come true and you are always guaranteed to have the time of your life! Vawn baby, this act is dedicated to you! Muah!

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