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This Joker Has the Last Laugh at Africa

Alex couldn't help but chuckle at Africa and Vawn's big date, Emily's bar bust-up, and poor Tribble's rejection.

By Alexandra Dilworth

Hi guys! Thank you all again for watching. Sorry to keep you waiting. . .

Between raving at #TomorrowWorld and moving into a new place, things have gotten a little hectic, and I am finally able to sit down and give you all my full attention. I think that tonight's episode showcased a completely different side of everyone. Didn't it?

First there was Emily. I know that Emily has always been a firecracker, but this week, we saw her explode. By day, she is a respectful businesswoman trying to get her store back together, but at night, she is not to be messed with. If you cross her, she will go off AND have you kicked out. And this time, I was nowhere in sight. Maybe I shouldn't take it so personally?

Tribble: Poor Tribble, this week we really got to see a whole different side of his personality. He really put himself out there by trying to talk to someone who he normally wouldn't have talked to just to be CRUSHED in front of his friends, and by the all mighty Queen Africa. Tribble seems like he is such a good guy who isn't used to rejection, and this week, I really felt bad for him. I used to think that he was a ladies man with so much self-confidence. I really hope that this doesn't ruin his black girl experience, especially because I am #TeamTribble.

Africa -- you should be trading in your studio time for acting classes because you could become an actress with all your melodrama. She always has to make a mountain out of a mole hill. Doesn't she? You see. . .I deal with drama completely differently. Instead of getting bent out of shape about someone not apologizing to me, I brush it off and move on. I give myself time to cool off and relax so that I can readdress the issue with a level head. I was trying to give Africa the opportunity to do the same, but I guess she couldn't appreciate that. My intention was to meet her and her friends, celebrate her success and apologize for the commotion that Emily and I caused at her party, but I was met with a cold shoulder and blatant disrespect. I felt like I had already over-extended myself by coming to apologize, and she continued to diminish what I had to say to her.

A friend is not supposed to make snap judgements, and that is exactly what Africa did in this situation. After running out to the car to talk to her and not to mention, setting down my drink, she wouldn't even give me the decency of rolling down her car window to talk. Africa, you are not a real friend and you never were. I have begun to see you as a diva in every negative sense of the word. . .


Vawn: Now if only Africa could become a real diva. . .Vawn would like her. Pysch! That man is not interested in Africa, although he does a good job of deceiving her. "You look beautiful when you are mad?" Please. . .woman, that’s not even a good line. Vawn has said much smoother. . .I do have to commend Vawn in this episode for being a gentleman though. It's a nice change from his "player" persona, even if it is under false pretenses.

But you know what? His game worked on Africa! And that’s really all it took for her to hook up with him. Africa went from classy to trashy faster than Vawn was able to heat up their dinner. I don't know that I would venture to call their date The Notebook, but it was certainly noteworthy. A trophy is either luring a man or keeping him chasing. And certainly NOT hooking up on the first date. If that’s what you want to call it. . .


I wouldn't exactly call hooking up on the first date having "guarded walls" either. Africa, I am sorry to tell you that you just got Trojan-horsed…at the hands of Vawn. . .

Now that I look back on all of this. Yea, Africa, I might be the joker but all the rest of you are two-faced. And I plan on having the last laugh.

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