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Emily Can't Do Everything Herself

Emily explains why she was angry with Emily 2 and what she thinks of 

Thanks for tuning in this week, I hope you are enjoying the show!

I hated seeing how upset Africa was about the whole fight with Alex. However, I sure am glad Sincerely said what she did to Alex. Africa works her butt off for what she does and that is exactly why we clicked from the very beginning.


Shooting guns! I’m a gun shooter -- what! HaHa! Lynn and I had SO much fun!!! I am still learning to shoot and feel comfortable with a gun. I cannot wait to get one. This is just what I needed to blow off some steam after the show, since I was a little upset with Emily.

Vawn and his son, once again, they are adorable! I love seeing him interact with his son! As much as we do not see eye-to-eye on relationships, I really enjoyed watching them.

This fight with Emily was really tough. I was so extremely upset with her and she is my best friend. The fact that she didn’t see that she did anything wrong the night of the fashion show got me even more fired up. There was so much built up anger and frustration that I just blew up on her. I never said grab the girls and drag them out of the salon, all you have to do is make sure you do what I asked you to do.


There is so much to do at a small boutique and everyone needs to chip in on every aspect. I clean everything, even the toilets and I am the owner. If I am doing it, then everyone should. I cannot physically do everything myself and she was the only one working there Monday-Friday. I hired her to help me, not put more work on my plate.

The second she talked about my books and said something negative about my shop, I wanted to strangle her.  Almost a year later, we are now a successful business, but when this all happened it was a tough time for every business. I opened in the worst economic time possible, but I am proud to say we are a successful business -- and growing. She was my friend to begin with and she should have just stayed my friend. Note to self: don’t hire your friends!

It was nice to have everyone over to my house. I love hosting parties. That burger was definite mystery meat! Tribble bit into it and it crunched. I will stick to my bbq! Vawn gave me three options of people and not one I could relate too so of course I had to throw my country girl in there: Miranda Lambert.

I wanted to speak to Vawn because we have never really had the chance to talk but when you speak to someone you cannot have your dang sunglasses on! I was glad he took his sunglasses on to talk to me. This whole seminar thing, cannot wait for yall to see it next week!

Vanquish was insane!!! I felt a tad bit out of place, haha. There were so many people at the table I just wanted to get out of there, but Africa invited me so of course I went. When me and my friends get a table for a night out, there is plenty of space to breath, dance, and put your purse down. This was NOT the case with them, everyone was on top of each other. I did not like how Vawn was that night. He was all over every girl, including Africa. I had to take her outside and talk to her because I wanted to leave but tell her to be careful with him. I feel like we are in two different worlds. If a guy treated me like this, I would kill him! I won’t put up with that. Am I surprised Vawn left with another girl? No. He has been honest about how he is with Africa, that’s what he preaches.

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