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I Don't Get Vawn's Viewpoint

Emily doesn't understand why Tribble could speak his mind at the panel -- and why Vawn can't agree to disagree.

And it is getting to the end of the season. Thank you so much for watching, it's been fun!

Tribble's real name is Herbert. Oh yeah folks, I love it! Chris and I had to go out and support Tribble. We had so much fun! Go Herbert!

When Africa called me to get together to talk to me I was scared what she was going to say. I hate that she was so upset about Vawn because she has real true feelings for him and I knew she would get hurt by him. I am glad she confronted him though at their rehearsal. She knew what to expect from him but her feelings got too wrapped up.


Haha, Alex with her rave stuff, all I can do is laugh. Did she not learn from me not to mix business with your friends?? Good luck! OK, fast forward. . .

Now on to the main event! Vawn's seminar, still cannot believe this went down! I'm so glad he took his sunglasses off to speak to everyone, wahoo!

You all know my views on this so I won't get into what I feel is right.  I was really shocked by the fight. It didn't have to go that far but unfortunately it did. Tribble had every right to go up there and say his piece like everyone else. I literally saw the devil in Vawn's eyes that night, he was fired up. I understand he was upset but gah! I don't get it!

I even had some of Vawn's friends on his panel that are married men come up to me after this whole thing who have the same views as me but wouldn't stand up for me in front of Vawn. So ridiculous!

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