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I Had to End It With Justin

Emily knows her words might have been harsh, but it was the only way she could truly separate from her ex.

By Emily Lipman

Justin and I. . .Yeah, that was tough to watch. We had a long night out and we got back home and he wanted to have a serious conversation with me. Well, I wasn't having it. The only way for us to move on and break up for the last time is to not talk, because when we try to be friends nothing good comes out of it. We need to separate, be done, and move on so we can be friends again. When I said I wasn't in love with him anymore that was the only way to get through to him. I have said it before, but I guess not to his face. When you are broken up, it is for a reason and you most likely aren't in love with that person anymore. I didn't understand why he didn't know I wasn't in love. We get too close and he acts like we are together and I freak out. As we all know I speak my mind.


Tribble is on the show. Wahoo!!! Love seeing my boy! It was nice to see Saito Saito, the sushi chef, especially when Tribble fed him. Ha Ha! Ladies, I know you enjoyed that shower scene! Ow Ow!

Emily and I at the mart is the typical us! I opened a shop because my style is different and that's what I wanted to bring to Atlanta. My style is West Coast with a little Nashville and you can't find good stuff like that here! You can find that "fru-fru frilly s---" in 100 shops here, and I don't want that.

Oh my. Vawn. . .what the!?! We will never see eye-to-eye on relationships. Not all men cheat and lie that are in a relationship! They looked like animals in that room. So gross.

My parents have been happily married 44 years, and I want that one day! And they were put through the wringer between losing their first born to a life threatening disease (cystic fibrosis) and then having a son born with the same disease. That is not easy!

Valentine's Day Party: Gracious, I didn't want to be there in the first place but I will always support my boy Tribble. The whole triangle between Vawn, Africa, and Alex. . .I have no words. I am clearly out of the loop and I tend to stay there!

Make sure you follow me on social media and come see me at the shop! My families' charity is Oct. 26 at Alpharetta's North Park. Come join me for a beautiful day at the park watching our charity softball tournament! Get more info Follow me on Twitter and Instagram: @rawdenimatlanta, @emilylipman, @wishforwendy. And as always shop now at

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