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The Moral of Vawn's Story

Vawn's not sure how he could have known Africa cared so much about him if she never confessed her feelings.

And the moral of the story is. . .

Watching this episode, a few things stood out to me:

I hated seeing Africa and Alex fight. When Africa called me, I knew I had to be there in order for her to vent. Sometimes, it’s hard for men to listen to this type of conversation, but I adapt well. I knew she needed an ear, and I wanted to be there for her as a friend. Africa and I have great conversation. She’s funny! And I love the head wrap and I love her hair!

Emily at the gun range, claiming she was a redneck -- hilarious! She he had a nice shot. If you set her off, she might kill everyone! LOL!

My favorite scene of the episode was my son and I spending quality time together. My son is not only the star of the show; he's the star of my life! This was just a glimpse into what we do all the time. My relationship with my son is an example of what loyalty looks like, what love looks like. He's my best friend! He motivates me to be a better version of myself.


The shirt I was wearing in this scene read: "Everything over average is loved and hated. Be glad you’re over average." That is a true statement. I teach my son to defend himself, but don’t get mad when people pick on you. Know who you are and know God. Most people are not rooting for you when you're striving to be the best!

Everyone wants me to take off my shades! My dad used to put shades on me when I was two or three years old and I’ve been wearing them ever since. It was funny when Emily said, "I feel naked without my bracelet," that's how I feel without my glasses! It's my last step to privacy. . .I guess I can't have that either. LOL!

Emily then made a statement about not trusting me in her house. Emily does not always think before she speaks. Of course, you don't trust me; we don’t know each other! Emily and I both have strong opinions. What I think is ridiculous is not being honest with someone, lying to them, and cheating on them, like her ex did. But I understand she was just looking out for her girl, Africa. LOL!

Gasner and I at the gym was a great scene. I hope you were paying attention ladies! My trainer, Cliff "Hollywood" Boyce, asked how many girlfriends I have? Girlfriends is plural! I would never have two girlfriends -- I would only have one. I hope that echos through your eardrums. That's why it's so hard for me to commit because I only know one way to be in a relationship, and that way is to give my all.

Cliff also asked me what the difference was between a friend and a girlfriend? A friend is someone that you care about, you spend time with, you pray for, and you have compromises in that friendship as it grows, which is the first phase in becoming my woman. We have to be friends first! We learn the most about each other during the first phase. When it comes to my woman, I will balance my life in order to make her happy. "Absolutely!"

On to Gas’ party. . .There were bottles popping, beautiful ladies, we were having a great time! Most of the people at the party were people I have known for years. Africa and I had detailed conversations about this party earlier. When you're in a club atmosphere, flirtation is expected. Yes, I was being flirtatious, but there were men flirting with Africa too. That part, you didn't see. Everyone said I was disrespectful when I left the party with my friend. I didn't know that Africa even cared as much as she did, and I didn't know she was observing me.

Africa and I had a very candid conversation about our friendship. She specifically said, "Do your thing." I can only go off what she tells me. And we’ve only been on three or four dates. Lawd have mercy! We have not taken our friendship to that level yet. However, I do understand how seeing something real time can slap you in the face. Sometimes you don't realize how much you care, or you don't realize how much your ego can be crushed. Quick question: How was I supposed to know that Africa cared if she didn't know she cared?

The moral of the story is to be honest with yourself. Say how you feel from the beginning so the other person can navigate their actions. You're the GPS. I'm following your directions! If you don't want to feel disrespected by someone's actions, show him or her which way to go.

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