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You Can't Play With a Woman's Emotions

Tribble shares what he thinks of Vawn's theories on dating, Emily and Justin's relationship, and Alex's attitude.

By Tribble Reese

So let me just say that I have had a front row seat for the whole Emily/Justin relationship, and it has been tough -- for all parties involved. I have always served as the middleman between the two, and it just sucks. Justin is a little right in the opening scene when he says that Emily likes to keep him on the "fishing line" and then to reel him in whenever she wants him around. If Emily found out that Justin had cheated on her, she probably could have found a better situation to bring it up than when they have both been drinking. They both, from what I can tell, really have a love in their heart for one another, but it's tough because they are like oil and water. I'll also say that both are awesome people, and even though you, as the viewer, might be only seeing the drama that unfolds between the two, there are sometimes when the two of them together is beautiful.


I have one thing to say about Africa's conversation with her friend while getting her hair did, and that is that even though you kicked me to the curb, you do you boo boo. Don't worry about what everyone else says about what you "should" be doing. Age is just a number and you are success in your own right. If you want a family, it will happen, in your own time. Rant over.

When I heard about Vawn's seminar, I had to check it out. I respect Vawn for putting all of his thoughts and opinions out to the public in a book, but I am starting to question if these thoughts are fair for the girls that he is telling. It is of my opinion that if you wake a woman's emotions, it doesn't matter what you are telling her. She doesn't really hear it, and thus she will not act rationally. To each their own, but I still don't think that it is morally right to go around and sleeping with women just because they are OK with it. It is not just on the women to say "No," but also on the man to realize that some of them might be able to say "No." Food for thought.

Now we get to the Valentine's Day party. I realize V-Day seems like it was a long time ago. . .My company TAP wanted to put on a little soiree to allow all the singles in the area and people who usually hate the idea of Valentine's Day (cough Emily) to get out and just have a good night without the pressure of having to find a date. It was an awesome event and a great turn out, so I was thankful.

Seeing Vawn and Africa at the party was still hard, because it was all still fresh. I know you all know the feeling of seeing someone that you might have had feelings for out with somebody else. Vawn said that he is going to have another co-ed forum, and I CANNOT WAIT for these girls to see what goes on at these things.

With regards to Alex, damn is she a smooth operator. I haven't had very much interaction with her, but she is fun to watch. She may be playing the villain role now, but Vawn is giving her the chance to by saying things like, "Let me know when you’re ready to stop behaving." Africa, with the quote of the night says, "Queens don't go to court, they hold court, I'm not going to go to that clown," when talking to Africa. Ha, well played, but Alex looks like she might not be one that will lay down easily, and from the looks of things, might have a few tricks up here sleeve.

I thought, all in all, that this was the best episode yet. You guys are really getting to see our actual lives play out on camera, which is kinda scary, but I can promise that what you are getting is real! We are getting into the true meat of what is going on and things only get "turnt up" even more next week. I am a lover, not a fighter, but, as you will soon see, I stand up for my beliefs.

Thanks for reading and as always, feel free to check me out on Instagram (@tribblereese) and Twitter (@tribblereese). I'm always on those and will be able to get back to you faster. God Bless!


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