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Destiney & Cathy on Terminus and Old School TV

According to Destiney and Cathy, everyone needs a little scandal, badass babes and some sexy men on bikes.

the-peoples-couch-season-2-blog-q-and-a-cathy-and-destiney-2.jpg What was your favorite TV moment from this week’s People’s Couch episode?

Destiney:  Every time I watch the show I'm dying laughing over something that someone had said. It's so real, it's real people watching TV and saying the things everyone is thinking feeling or even screaming to say. I like the authentic conversations, and the funny sh-- we all say that has nothing to do with the shows but is really about the individual. It's a priceless moment to see the way we all react the same, yet so differently. What are your favorite current shows and what should everyone be watching?

D: I am in love with Blacklist, Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder and Sons of Anarchy right now. Everyone needs a little scandal, badass babes taking over and, of course, some sexy men to look at on bikes. What are your favorite shows and characters of all time and why?

D: My favorite shows vary depending on time era, loved me some Three's
Company, The Jeffersons, Martin, Married with Children, Love Connection with Chuck Woolrey. I love Al Bundy, Married with Children showed that not every home was perfect, and parents had issues, too. A normal guy who hates his job yet does it cause he has to. Peg Bundy always looking for affection from Al, as, of course, that's what women want. What TV show was the biggest influence on your life? How?

D: I would say watching Iyanla and Oprah on OWN is something that has made see things differently. It's like that self-help greatness. I mean even Doctor Oz. He influenced me by not eating certain foods and showing what's good for you and what's not. Why do you love The Walking Dead and what did you think of the premiere?

D: I wasn't really a fan of the show until my security kept talking about the show amongst themselves. I decided to check it out and sure enough, I got hooked! I love that fact that they discovered that Terminus was a trap, but how kickass and gruesome it was until the time they broke free.
the-peoples-couch-season-2-blog-q-and-a-cathy-and-destiney-1.jpg What was your favorite moment from this week’s People’s Couch?

Cathy: My sister saying,"Either you're farting, bloating, or burping." What are your favorite current shows and what should everyone be watching?

C: All the Real Housewives shows. And, of course, The People's Couch. What are your favorite shows and characters of all time and why?

C: I enjoy watching all of the old school shows. They bring me back to my childhood -- like my nine years old son's age. What are your thoughts on The Walking Dead premiere?

C: I am not at all a fan of The Walking Dead -- I say no thank you!! They don't make good horror movies like they used to. . .

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