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The People's Poll: Do You Love Adam Levine's New Bald Look?

Get the Couchers' thoughts and vote on Adam's shocking new hairdo (or lack thereof). 

By Rachael Roberts

When we found out that The People's Couch would be watching The Voice this week, we were as excited as Carson Daly after a four chair turn around. And Monday when we saw Adam Levine debut his new bald look, we knew a certain group of Couchers would have plenty to say - and oh did they. Which Coucher loves the look and which is as crushed about this loss as Blake Shelton when he isn't picked? Find out below and vote yourself - are you finding it harder and harder to breath without Adam's mane or does he still have the moves (and looks) like Jagger? 

Brandy and Julie were none too happy: 

Brandy: "I'm disturbed and confused. And my underwear is definitely dry. But that could just be early on set menopause."

Julie: "(Falls to knees and lifts hands to the sky) WHHHHYYYYYY??????"

Rachel from the Resnicks was still into Adam's sweet sugar:

Rachel: "I was shocked at first as I always loved his do. I soon realized that when you are THAT gorgeous, bald head or not, MOMMY STILL WANT!!!"

Julie Egber and Kenya's love still goes on: 

Julie: "Definitely not loving him sporting the bald look - I like my man with some hair so there's always something to hang on to BUT, always a fan of Adam!!!! #lovehim!!!!"

Kenya: "I think it makes him look extremely 'sexsum'- Sexy & Handsome. He got my attention!!! Whoo hoo! Go Adam!!!"

The Zenos were with Blake Shelton - who quipped that his fellow Voice coach looked like Lex Luthor: 

Lamont: "He looks like a failed attempt of Marvel Comic villain." 

Emerson, Blake and Scott had mixed feelings (Scott most of all):

Emerson: "Adam Levine's new Mr. Clean look has me pulling my own hair out in mourning!"

Blake: "Okay, I know that a lot of people feel like, "Adam is so hot that he can do no wrong!" Unfortunately, I am not one of those people."

Scott: "I'm so Natalie Imbruglia 'Torn' about Adam's hair! I sort of have a thing for bald men, but Adam looks like he joined a cult...or lost a bet! So many gay men have lost their 'hair goal' icon."

Vote below and tune into The People's Couch Tuesdays at 10/9c, only on Bravo. 

Gay hair goal icons aside, we want to know what you think about the crooner's new hair. Are you loving the new slick look, or are you devastated by the loss of those luscious locks? 

It's Called 'The Voice,' Not the Look
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