The People's Poll: Who Should Jane the Virgin Choose?

The People's Poll: Who Should Jane the Virgin Choose?

Our People weighed in, and now you can, too! Should Jane choose Raphael or Michael? 

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Couchers Choice: Michael or Raphael on 'Jane the Virgin'

As The People's Couch tuned into the telenovela-inspired hit Jane the Virign, the Couchers asked one of TV's toughest questions: are you Team Raphael or Team Michael? Watching along with the Couchers we found ourselves torn! Scott voted for the Michael noting his handy man skills while Emerson made the good point that handsome (and rich) Raphael could pay someone to be handy. And of course, Amanda sums it up Raphael's best qualities perfectly with "He hot!" Whether you're a Jane the Virgin die-hard fan or tuned into this love triangle for the first time with the Couchers, watch above and weigh in on this battle of love! What team are you playing for? 


And don't forget to tune in Tuesday at 10/9c to The People's Couch!

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