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Saving The World

Taylor Jacobson discusses her schedule, personal life, and... drinking on the job? Why didn't you want to plan Rachel's tenth anniversary party?

Taylor: Oh my God. I didn't want to plan because there were fifty million things going on. We were way too busy. Luckily we weren't too far into the party planning when we found out it was canceled. We just saw locations. We were in the middle of awards season and it was too hectic and stressful to plan a party.

How do you respond when Rachel gives you these last minute things to do?

I usually get annoyed.

And you tell Rachel how annoyed you are? Not many employees can talk with their bosses like you do with Rachel.

Rachel and I have a nice understanding - a rapport.

Rachel says her job puts a strain on her personal life - do you feel like you have trouble balancing work and social life?

It's hard, because this job is very time consuming. But I try to work it out so that I can have a personal life. But it is definitely difficult.

Do your friends and family understand that your work obligations come first?

Well, A - I don't have that many friends, because I'm such a joy to be around. And B - My boyfriend understands.

What does your family think of the show?

They like it, but they would like everything I do. They're very supportive. They get excited for Tuesdays.

If you didnĀ¹t have a career in fashion, what would you be doing?

I'd be saving the world.


Yeah. Who comes up with these questions?

Me. Why?

Ask me a better question.

Do you drink heavily?

Yes. If you were me, what would you ask?

Do I really love Brad?

Do you? I love Brad now. Brad and I get along. It's just allll about Brad right now.

You wore a cross necklace in a previous episode, and some viewers wanted to know where you got it.


Well, I think that's all I have.

What questions did Rachel get this week?

Questions about balancing personal and profession life. And she had fantastic answers.

How come my answers aren't fantastic?!

It's not a competition. But you're losing.

I like more racy, controversial questions. Like, ask me how long Brad and I have been dating. He's wearing my clothes right now. Do you wanna know what I'm wearing today? Pink patent leather flats and a print dress with a big industrial zipper. Do you wanna know the highlight of my day? My personal dress has been hanging on the rack and somehow got mixed in with all the samples. Brad has seen me wear the dress and even made a comment about the dress. Then he pulled the dress today and goes "oh this would be great on the campaign that we're working on." He tooootally forgot it was my dress and - Brad [yells the background]: That dress is way too big - it wouldn't have fit anyone. Taylor: Oh my God he's so mean. He's so stupid. So anyway, if I wasn't paying attention, my dress would have been - poof - gone.

Do you ever get to wear clothes of the rack at work?

Yes, sometimes. I make sure to ask if it's okay.

You don't spill all the drinks that you're drinking all over it?

Oh yeah, it's tough with all the cocktails flying everywhere.

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