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Thank God It's Over

Taylor Jacobson isn't exactly devestated that the season's over.

NUP_130977_0787.jpg So in this episode you're modeling dresses with Rachel for the Oscars. Do you enjoy doing that?
No. I think it's annoying. I don't like trying on sample dresses. It's really annoying. It's certainly not any fun. I actually think it's stupid because my body is nothing like...I just think it's stupid. It's a pointless activity that Rachel enjoys subjecting me to.

So how often do you threaten to quit?
Well, during this time period I was really stressed out and as America can probably tell from watching the episode and watching this season, Brad and I didn't get along that well. So I think it was a little more tense than usual, and that's why I threatened to quit. But now I'm very happy and I love Brad. He's an angel. In fact, he's sitting next to me right now. I adore him. Brad: She's learning how to work with BRAD.

So, when you told Rachel she has to choose between you or Brad, why did you give that ultimatum.
I was stressed out and I was fed up with the situation, but mostly I was being dramatic. Overly dramatic. I'm not in a good mood.

Cheer up! Things will probably not get any better.
Probably not.

Looking back do you think you were too hard on Brad?
Uh, no. Maybe. Maybe a little. I should have been a little more understanding and sympathetic and had patience with Brad. But I can't change anything that has happened in the past. I can only work on the future.

Are you really friends with Brad now?

What was your favorite part of filming?
Are you kidding me? NOTHING. Nothing was my favorite part.

You didn't have one favorite moment.
No. Favorite part of filming? Nooo. No. Nothing.

Not one memorable moment?
Is there supposed to be a memorable moment?

There are six hour-long episodes and you can't think of one moment?
When all the cameras and the crew trucks drove away and I never had to see them again. That was a very memorable moment.

Do you watch reality television?
I watch The Hills. I watched it last night. Love it. Amazing. Audrina took her top off. I LOVE The Hills.

You love The Hills and you don't watch your own show?

What do you think of Lauren Conrad and Whitney's fashion line?
Oh my God are you really asking me this? They're fine. They're fun. They're cute girls.

Would you start your own fashion line?

Any final thoughts on the season?
Thank God it's over.

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