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Who's The Boss?

So if Zoe died, who would be in charge? Taylor has some ideas...


So Rachel finds out she has vertigo. While she was sick, did you and Brad have to try and pick up the slack?

Well yes, we were all very concerned when Rachel got sick. But It's always very busy around here. We always divvy up the work and we're constantly working. But I think this time with her actually being sick, we needed to impress even more. We had to do an even better job just because the stakes are higher.

If Rachel had to leave someone in charge, you or Brad, who would it be?

It would be me. Not that Brad's not capable or competent, by any means. He's great at what he does. It just makes more sense for me to be in charge, because I've been there longer. It has nothing to do with skills or ability. It's just the office hierarchy. I'm next in line. Then if I die, Brad can take over. Then maybe if he dies, Jordan.

Brad and Rachel are surprised when you say you want to go to Paris Fashion Week. Why did you want to go?

I normally don’t want to participate meaningless fashion events. In New York, yes the fashion shows are amazing and it's a great opportunity, but there are usually jobs. I feel like going to New York Fashion Week is a bit more accessible than going Paris Fashion Week. That's why I wanted to go. There are amazing designers - not to say New York doesn't have amazing designers - but I Paris there's Chanel. Galliano. It's a little bit different. It's a different arena. It's Paris Fashion Week! Brad wanted to go just as much as I wanted to go, we had the same reasons for wanting to go.

How do you think Rachel handled it when she had to decide between you and Brad?

I know Rachel really well and I should have known how she was going to handle it, and not have resented her for it. I should have been more mature about it. I should have known beforehand how it would play out and I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up. I was too emotionally involved.

Should Brad have stayed home?

Nooo. I don't think the decision should have been left up to us. Rachel should have made the decision. If I had said I wanted to go to Paris, I would have looked like the b**** and I would be the one who took it away from Brad. But I didn't want to create more of a hostile work environment, so I let Brad go.

So there are no hard feelings with Brad?

No, no hard feelings with Brad.

You guys still love each other?

Oh yeah. Diiie.

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