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Still Not Over It

Brad talks Emmy looks, Milan Fashion Week, meeting Donatella, getting starstruck, and more. What did you think of the Emmys this year?

Brad: I actually thought this year was a little bit more together than previous years. People actually looked kind of good.

Who specifically did you like?

Yeah, I actually liked a few people. I loved Lea Michele. I think she needs to calm down on her red carpet posing, but I think she looked really pretty. I liked that Anna Paquin gave us a high fashion look, not that I loved it that much. I loved January Jones' hair and makeup. The dress was fine, it was a little too much for the Emmys, a little too over the top.

Any of the men?

Nobody really stood out. Clooney of course. I liked the guy from Modern Family that was in that gray suit. I thought Jimmy Fallon looked fantastic, really, really good.

You guys didn't do a dress for the Emmys, did you?

We didn't dress anybody, no.

What happened when you got the news that you wouldn't be getting the Sandra Bullock dress?

Well when we find out when we're not getting the shoulder-beaded Marchesa dress, I knew that Rachel was going to be fixated on it. I knew she was still going to try and hustle it and get it up until the Oscars red carpet, which we did do.

But it was a no go obviously.

No go. It was always a strong contender for Sandra and her stylist so we never got our paws on it.

So Rachel takes a detour to London and then meets you in Milan. And then you both meet Donatella…

I'm still not over that moment.

What was that like meeting her?

It was kind of incredible, she doesn't disappoint. She's actually kind of really normal. We were there pre-show, some models were dressed, some models weren't, and she was just like totally chill, and lovely, and welcoming, and so sweet. And she watches the show, which I love. She gets it via satellite.

You've been a little star struck this year…

I still am! I mean I've been star struck since day one. It never really loses its effect on me. A lot of people ask, "Do you get jaded? Do you get used to meeting people working with celebrities?" and the answer is no. There are moments when I'm working with the clients and I'm like, "Oh my god, I'm with so-and-so in Paris right now, how crazy is that?" The effect never wears off and I hope it never ever does.

Who's still on your list that would make you pass out if you met them?

Probably Karl Lagerfeld. I've been in his presence, but I didn't meet him when we were in Paris. And also Tom Ford, because I have a huge crush on him. He's amaaazing. And he can direct? It's not fair. He can do everything! Everything he does is just super super chic.

Did you like the tux he did for Ryan Murphy?

I did like that actually. I thought it was fun. I like it when the guys mix it up a bit. It starts with the gays and then it trickles down.

When you're shopping with Rachel in Milan the man-cape keeps coming up, is this something we should be looking for on men?

Well I really want one, I think they're perfect for travelling. I mean they're basically blankets with armholes, and I want one. So I thought I had seen one, I thought that was one, and the fact that Rachel kept trying to convince me it wasn't a woman's jacket was insane. But it was so clearly a woman's jacket, the proportions were so off. But she's very adamant about me getting stuff.

So you still don't have one, do you?

No, and I'm still on the hunt for one. So if there's anyone out there with a large, cashmere, heather gray/charcoal man-cape, please contact me! Because I will purchase it.

I'm sure people will read this, and you'll get 20 man-capes.

I hope so! That would be awesome.

So Rodger's been more vocal about getting alone time with Rachel this season, but you do have to be around Rachel all the time. How do you deal with that?

It's nice and it's weird. It's nice because she considers us so a part of her family that it's not strange to her. But I know for me personally, I have to have my separate time, I have to be alone with my boyfriend, I have to have weekends away and all of that, so I understand for him how it must get really grating to have people around him all the time talking about dresses, and fashion, and photos, and models, and actresses, and who got this dress. I mean he is interested to a point, but it gets boring after a while I'm sure. I'm surprised he lasted this long.

And Rodger was saying that he liked seeing Rachel in more provocative clothing. What do you think?

Well the hemlines have come up a little with her. She wouldn't even do above the knee until a year ago, so I give her props for that. And she looks gorgeous when she does it. Personally, I don't really want to see her dress more provocatively, but if it keeps Rodger happy, then that's a very small price to have to pay, dressing up sexy for their partner. I personally don't see the need though.

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