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Golden Girls

Zoe talks about dressing Jennifer Garner, Cameron Diaz, Molly Sims, and Paula Patton for the 2010 Golden Globes!

By Rachel Zoe First we start with a little bit of Taylor-ing. You and Brad decide to cleanse yourselves... .

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Rachel Zoe: We go shopping.

You get him furs and make him look a little more straight. You and Brad are both looking different this season.

Oh, he totally is. He’s totally not as (sandy) this season. And I would say I’m not as… I would say my style this season is a little more sixties rather than seventies, you know? And much less makeup and much less hair. Kinda toned everything down a little bit. Brad kind of changed. He’s not as much preppy-dandy. He still is a little bit. You know every once in a while we need to go back to our comfort zone, but we strayed as much as we could.

So it’s the Golden Globes, and you’re dressing how many people?

I think it was four or five. It was Kate, Cameron, Jen, and Paula.

And you also dressed Molly Sims for Golden Globe events.

Yeah, we did Molly Sims.

What's it like working with Molly?

Molly’s fantastic, because Molly is literally as we show in the episode. Molly was a model, and still has been a model for many years. Pretty much like, “Tell me what you want me in,” and she doesn’t want to try on a hundred things. She wants to try on three things. And whatever kind of fits her, she doesn’t want to try on any more. If she loves it, she'll decide, “This is the dress. This is what I’m wearing.” And that’s what’s great about her. We have a lot of fun, and she’s daring. She says, "Let’s go for it. Let’s try it." She’s really great that way, and she’s a friend. Molly and I support each other and our businesses. We’ve been friends for a long time. My sister can really see it, so when she needs me, I’m here.

Then we have Jennifer Garner's dress, and the problem with the lining, which obviously all worked out in the end.

Yeah. Well the thing is, that dress, it was a big departure for Jen. It was very sexy, but not in an overt way. It was kind of form fitting and exposed in the back. Jen is this gorgeous mother of two. It’s like, why not celebrate that? It was one of those things where she hadn’t really done an award show in a while, because you know she’s busy being pregnant and being a mom, so it was like, let’s just churn it out, let’s have fun. She put that dress on and it was just like, wow. Just, oh my God, you have to wear this dress. And the dress was a Versace gown. With Versace, and you’ll see it this season and you’ll see it in the Oscars as well, they have tailors that come in from Italy and they literally set up shop and they will sew the dress onto my client and literally make sure every single thing is perfect. But, it’s a very difficult dress to line. And when you’re lining a couture gown it's very, very tricky, because sometimes it changes the color of the dress, sometimes it ruins the line of the dress. That’s why so many dresses are shear on the runway, because sometimes it really falls better on the body. And when you line it, it gets kind of complicated. It gets all jacked up in different areas, and sometimes it changes the way it falls and lines the body. It’s always a risk. We knew that was the dress she was going to wear, but obviously it’s important that the dress is not shear. So that is my job. So we had to make sure that did not happen.

Why do you think this year you had so many more options this year than last year?

I think we had a feeling who would be going and I think what we did is we just prepped more. Last year the recession hit and when it hit everybody just got so blindsided by it that the design houses just didn’t know how to react, nobody really made big gowns, nobody made the effort to come to LA with gowns. This year my team really hustled, and we got dresses really early on. So it was great.

So you were waiting for the metallic Versace for Cameron. And it looked different from the sketch.

It did. The fact is that happens a lot. That's why you can't get too excited. The thing with Cameron is that she is one of the most beautiful movie stars in the world. She really very often just really likes classic and simple. That dress sounded like it would be exactly what she wanted. But in effect when we saw it, it was almost too simple. Too casual. But ultimately the red McQueen was the best choice. It really was.

We heard with the red McQueen it was actually an '09 winter look?

The fact is, it was never worn and it was exactly what Cameron wanted to wear. Cameron's not someone who gets caught up in labels, she doesn't care if it's not new Runway. If it's the right dress and it looks great on her, that's what she wears and that's what's so amazing about her. And obviously it was ridiculously insane.

And Kate Hudson had the white Marchesa?

That was incredible. With Kate it was down to the wire. I hadn't seen her in a couple months because she was on a film. I started the day before, and so it was down to two dresses. Ultimately the team and everybody in the room just decided that the Marchesa was the best.

And you have a new client Paula Patton. Your assistant Ashley went to dress her.

Ashley was awesome by the way. She did such a rockstar job. She was fantastic. Unfortunately just because of the amount of time we have in each show, we don't have enough time to show everything that goes on. But Ashley was heroic. I needed jewelry that she had at Paula's that she wasn't using, and I needed it for Kate. She literally hustled her butt in gridlock traffic on Golden Globes day and got the jewelry as Kate was getting into the car. I was able to change her jewelry as she was getting into the car, which was amazing. So that was a huge feat. Unfortunately you miss those moments because you can only shoot so much, but that was great. She did a great job and Paula looked stunning, and she felt amazing, which is the most important part of my job, is that they feel amazing, and she did. So, mission accomplished there.

What did you think of the Golden Globes in the rain?

That was the most ridiculous thing. I cannot even explain how frustrated everyone must have been, the hair and makeup artists, the actual clients. The clients must have been livid. I mean there they are spending two or three hours getting ready, and they get there and there's no tent. So clients were holding their dresses up, it was a nightmare. A nightmare.

So what happens when the dresses drag on the carpet or get wet?

Well I mean it's fine, at that point they already have the picture. It is what it is. That's the risk designers take. I mean there was no reason for that to happen. I mean everyone's hair, makeup, and dress ... it was just ridiculous what was going on. RIDICULOUS.

There was a moment in the car with you and Rodger, where communication sort of breaks down. You're talking about dresses; he's saying he's over it. What happened?

This is my job. This is my job, it's not his first year going through this. It's like year 15 for him. But we go through it every. Single. Year. And it's so funny because I look at the producers and I say just don't show this again because it's the same thing. But they say it's part of my life every year, and I'm like yeah, good point. So maybe it will show how redundant my husband is. It's so stupid. It's like any guy, they just need attention. They're big babies! My husband is like a 4 year-old 42 year-old. Ridiculous! I tell him, "This is my job, I'm a working woman, I'm a career woman. You always hate January and February but this is what happens. You'll go back to getting attention after the Oscars." Like calm down!

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