Are Kanye, J-Lo, and Beyoncé Total Divas?! 8 Celebs' Outrageous Tour Demands

Are Kanye, J-Lo, and Beyoncé Total Divas?! 8 Celebs' Outrageous Tour Demands

Guess who wanted a fresh new toilet seat for each visit to the loo.

By Lindsay Tigar

While on tour, celebs typically create a so-called "tour rider," which dictates what they need in their dressing rooms and backstage before they perform. Some of their demands seem down to earth enough: hot tea to prepare vocals, a platter of fresh fruit to nibble on before going on stage. But others are downright bratty — even wacky. Are these creative geniuses pushing their luck with these asks? You decide.

1. Beyoncé

Queen Bey might make lemonade out of lemons in music, but the same can’t be said for her needs while on tour — she needs everything just so from right out of the date. Business Insider reports she needs her dressing room to be at 78 degrees at all times. And as far as food goes — she wants her chicken legs heavily seasoned (emphasis on the heavily there) with cayenne pepper, garlic, salt, and pepper. Beyond that, she also asks for brand new white towels and rose-scented candles.

2. Adele

Hello from the other side of Adele’s tour rider, which isn’t as crazy as some of her fellow musicians'. While on tour, Adele pays extra attention to her voice — asking for 12 small bottles of still water, one kettle of boiling water, six large new mugs for tea, metal teaspoons, and non-organic squeezy bottles of honey. Obviously for her vocals, this list might make sense, but some others perhaps not as much: She also asks for "very quality" red wine, a pack of Marlboro Light Plus, and a plate of individually wrapped chicken salad sandwiches that don’t include tomatoes, vinegar, chili, or citrus fruit, according to The Smoking Gun.

3. Kanye West

Since he's hubby to Kim Kardashian and known to be the world's biggest diva, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that Kanye West has a few interesting requests while on tour. If he’s going to sweat on stage, he has to have imported Versace towels to wipe his face with while he’s rapping, according to He also doesn’t like his chauffeurs to have any man-made fibers in their clothes, requesting that they dress in 100-percent cotton at all times.

4. Britney Spears

In 2011 when Britney Spears performed at London’s 02 arena, she had a lofty set of demands for what she needed to be at her peak performance. They included McDonald’s cheeseburgers with no buns, 100 figs and prunes, and fish and chips for dinner. Apart from the bizarre food cravings, she also wanted to have a framed photo of Princess Diana in her dressing room — apparently for inspiration — according to the Mirror.

5. Justin Bieber

If you’re going to invite Justin Bieber to your stage, you’re going to have to fully stock the backstage area with everything he needs to perform. This includes fruit platters, herbal teas, cases of Coca-Cola, four packages of plain white T-shirts, three packages of low-rise socks... and more, reports The Smoking Gun. We’re guessing if the team doesn't meet these demands, it will be too late to say they’re sorry.  

6. Jennifer Lopez

Love might not cost a thing, but if you’re going to have J-Lo perform on tour — or on location — it’ll come at a price. In 2002, she was invited to attend an African AIDS charity event — but the fact that it was a nonprofit didn’t stop her from submitting her typical demands. What did they include? A 40-foot trailer furnished in all white — from the flowers to the couches, according to HuffPo. Apparently J-Lo’s outrageous needs have kept her from some opportunities, including India’s Premier League cricket tournament, which balked at her request for a private plane and a slew of hotel rooms for her entourage.

7. Foo Fighters

You have to hand it to the Foo Fighters, who in addition to making great music, also have a knack for creating great pranks in their backstage requests. Apparently, they’re known for sneaking ridiculous things into their rider, hopefully giving managers a lighthearted moment before prepping their necessities. In 2011 while they were on their world tour, they included coloring book activity pages, and a diagram of how they’d like their catering to be labeled, including a sketch of a pile of rocks labeled "Lame Entree," and one of steak and baked potatoes labeled "Awesome Entree," according to The Smoking Gun.

8. Mary J. Blige

Everyone brings home a souvenir from their travels — or at least, a memory to pay tribute to the experience they had in various cities. For Mary J. Blige, that token is a toilet seat. That’s right: In her 35-city tour in 2006, she demanded a new toilet seat in every single new place they visited. She also asked that her "Do Not Disturb" sign have 26 exclamation marks for when she was sleeping... if source Socialite Life is to be believed!


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