Exclusive! Hold Onto Your Weave: Salt N Pepa's Pep Is Opening a Destination Salon

Exclusive! Hold Onto Your Weave: Salt N Pepa's Pep Is Opening a Destination Salon

Let's talk about hair, bae-bee.

By Bryce Gruber

All your hair dreams are about to come true, because there's a new destination salon opening in Harlem all thanks to Sandra "Pepa" Denton — that's Pepa of Salt N Pepa to you — and hairstylist to the stars, Troy Turner. If Troy's name isn't already ringing a bell for you, he's the cute-as-a-button hair genius responsible for transforming several of the The Real Housewives of Atlanta from pretty to drop-dead gorgeous.

If you couldn't already tell from their iconic '90s music, Salt N Pepa is all about getting what you want out of life, and what Pepa really wanted out of her life was to have an endless supply of perfect hair and a standing chair appointment with her mane main squeeze, troy.

This writer is proud to call Pepa a friend (insert #blessed emoji here, because life is short and she's a gem), so she broke the salon news to Jet Set first.

"I have always had an obsession with hair, I love it," Pep told us. "And Troy was my friend before my hairstylist. We always would talk about hair and his obsession with hair matched mine. He is super talented so it felt right. So he said 'Pep, let's open a salon and slay this hair game,' and that's what we are planning to do." Cue the lyrics to "Whatta Man," because obviously this is what's right with the world.

Troy isn't just responsible for Pepa's ever-evolving luscious mane though — he's the guy behind Porsha Williams, Lil Kim, the stars of Love & Hip Hop (both New York and Los Angeles), and is known as the go-to guy for going from dark to super blonde. The new salon in Harlem is meant to serve as a celebrity's hair mecca, deserving of frequent hair pilgrimages to the discreet location on 119th Street and Lenox Avenue in Manhattan.

"I really wanted to have a good place that was about celebrity level, boutique style and just a good place to be," Troy said, after reassuring us that even non-famous folks will be able to get in for some hair magic. "Haha, no — I'm going to leave enough appointments open for people who just want to look and feel beautiful even if they're not music stars."

Phew. Insert that #blessed emoji again.

Until now the salon and building renovation have been Harlem's best kept secret, but when it's officially open for business in September, the space will open its doors to the hair-obsessed travelers of the world and boast 1,200 square feet of interior space and a private garden out back. Because sometimes major celebs just want to let their color set in complete privacy with an iced tea, ya know? 

"Blac Chyna is definitely going to come see me in NYC," he said. "She will always come up to see me in Harlem. Missy Elliott, and Queen Latifah will make the trip, too."

Unfortunately Troy declined to state the exact day and time of Missy's next appointment — which is a shame because obviously we'd want to stalk her by pretending to sit nonchalantly in the chair of any of the other celeb hairstylists who were hand picked by Troy and Pep for the salon. They've all been trained in Troy's top-secret dark-to-blonde process that apparently leaves hair proteins intact so extensions aren't necessary, by the way.

The salon site still isn't up yet because they've been keeping this totally secret to keep A-list celeb clients shrouded in secrecy until the official launch, but it'll be live later this week for superfans and celebs beneath the A list to get details on how to get their tresses tamed by Troy while sitting next to the one and only Pepa.

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