Wake Me Up

Wake Me Up

Kandi talks about turning "HATERation" into music inspiration.

To be honest, I really didn't feel like writing a blog this week. So all I really have to say is ... ZZZZzzzzz ZZZZzzzz. Can somebody wake me up for next week!? That episode was SO BORING! I know we can't have dramatic, action packed episodes every week, but damnnn. Sorry, but I have to be truthful.

Well on a side note the song "Fly Above" will be on my album releasing this November. The first day I met Kim she was telling me about how everyone talks about her and dogs her out and that she was so ABOVE the drama and over it. Well, I too have been the subject of negative talk and "HATERation" many times so the next day when I went into the studio I wrote "Fly Above." Thanks for the inspiration Kim! I'm posting a snippet of the song on my Myspace.com/Kandionline. Check it out, and whenever you're having one of those moments where people are trying to bring you down, intimidate you, or stop your progress, take a listen and maybe it can help you "Fly Above." That's my new theme song ... :-)

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