Kim Zolciak-Biermann Responds After Intense Airport Drama With Brielle: "Never Had I EVER Experienced This!"

Kim Zolciak-Biermann Responds After Intense Airport Drama With Brielle: "Never Had I EVER Experienced This!"

The #DontBeTardy mother-daughter duo made serious allegations about theft and harassment.

By Alesandra Dubin
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Kim Zolciak-Biermann and Brielle Biermann may have just visited Frankfurt, Germany for the very last time — even if they didn't even leave the airport.

The mother-daughter pair was on their way home to Atlanta from their trip to Venice, Italy. They were already feeling a bit battered by the sleep deprivation of travel, according to a tweet from Brielle about being up for 24 hours straight, when they encountered what they reported as some major drama in the Frankfurt aport.

“Crazy a** airport n Germany!” Kim wrote. “So extra Told me its my government that’s why they r searching all my stuff! Throwing my wigs around & s***.”

Brielle piled on — using even more choice language — ranting, “Germany airport every single person who works here can go f*** themselves. SERIOUSLY @Airport_FRA all your employees need to get F***ED. They stole ALL MY s*** and are harassing a bunch of people! SO F***ING RUDE. Don’t ever f***ing come to Germany. I hate this place.”

Brielle then summed it up in this sentiment, which her mom also retweeted: “Can’t wait to get back to America."

For its part, Frankfurt Airport officials seemed dismayed by the charges and appeared willing to investigate in a series of tweets beginning: "Dear Brielle, sorry to hear. Those are serious accusations. Please tell me what happened."

A short time later, Kim tweeted her version of how the entire story went down:

She then said her crew was reunited, and headed to their gate — but there they were met with three security guards who separated them again.

Kim then wrote that, at last, they were on their flight headed back to Atlanta — a flight they narrowly missed avoiding. She said, "Italy was amazing — the people were too!"

Looks like future trips to Italy are in their future for sure — but not so much Germany.

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