Love Triangle

Love Triangle

Hear more from Kim about NeNe and Sheree's intervention!

Things got a little crazy with the Kim, Nene and Sheree "love triangle" this week! It was time for Nene and I to sit down and have that glass of wine, which ended up being margaritas and shots! I love it! I have to admit that seeing Nene and I interact reminded me of the core of our friendship and how much I enjoy hanging out with her. You see, every fallout that Nene and I have had comes from one of us or BOTH of us listening to something SOMEONE ELSE said. Instead of us just addressing things as they happen, we get upset, cut each other off and stop dealing with each other.

When I sat at FAB with both Sheree and Nene, I felt attacked because so much was being said that “I” said, when I haven’t even spoken to Sheree since last year. I will say it again, Nene's hubby Gregg is FANTASTIC, level headed and genuine. I have NEVER nor would I ever talk badly about Gregg. Nice try Sheree.

I wish I had NEVER made the comment about my daughters at the table, but as I’m sure you noticed when it gets HEATED I am subject to say anything! What I said wasn’t cool and I will never say anything like that again. I was just trying to make the point that I was willing to put the most important people in my life on the line to prove that I was telling the TRUTH - I wanted Nene to understand the intensity of my honesty.

I saw that Lisa talked about me on the show...again. Who even cares about Lisa anyway? Every time she comes on I fast forward. B-O-R-I-N-G. Has she started another business? LOL!

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