Bust A Move

Bust A Move

What does Lisa think of Kim's single and Kandi's performance? Find out!

Hello everyone,

I feel as if I haven't blogged in weeks, my apologies to you all. We really do appreciate the love and support you've showed us every week.

The birthday party? Sorry I missed it Kandi, but I told you I had no intentions on attending, when you told me you were having it with Kim. I would have been cordial, but I believe special days should be shared with people you love and that love you.

Kandi's performance? I was really proud of Kandi and enjoyed her performance. I wasn't surprised that Kim didn't show. However, I was disappointed for Kandi. Kandi really supports Kim and stands up for her and I thought at least Kim would show up for her one friend.

Kim's debut? As much as she and I butt heads, I'm happy for anyone that accomplishes their goal. I actually like the song and if someone plays it, you might just see me bust a move. I like the beat and I love to dance. LOL.

Ed's interview? I love our interaction and he is truly my heart. He makes me laugh and we always have a lot of fun. He'd be great in broadcasting! He is fine. I told you I'd hire him!

Sheree? There is room for both of us, do you and I will always do me.

Until next week!

Peace and blessings!

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