Heating Up

Heating Up

Lisa talks about her romantic birthday night and her rocky relationship with Kim.

Wow, last night was heated in more ways than one.

I really appreciate and LOVE my wonderful husband. He's so damn sexy! He treats me like a queen, he is one of a kind and I am truly blessed.

My heart goes out to Kandi regarding the situation with her mom. I know that she's very close to her mom and doesn't want to upset her but she also loves her man. I pray everything works out for her.

Nene, Sheree and Kim

Wow! I wasn't there and I can't speak on what happened or what Kim did to either one of them. I do know that Kim has lied several times to me for no reason. I don't buy into the "I'm innocent and I didn't do or say anything" routine from Kim.

That line... "If I'm lying strike my kids dead right now." WTF?

It appears every time I have the opportunity I speak about Kim...I'm sorry it appears unwarranted. It is not. You're not able to see Kim in action when it comes to me and some of the things she has said behind the scenes. I do have a legitimate beef. LOL. If you stand for anything, stand for your family, your loved ones and your character.

Sorry Kim, if you had not said the things you said, we wouldn't be here would we?

I don't spend my time on trivial matters, or people that live for attention.

However, my family and loved ones? That's a no-no!

Until next week!

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