The Secrets People Will Keep

The Secrets People Will Keep

NeNe Leakes talks about the big hat brunch, the BBQ, and her DNA test.

As always, thank you all so much for supporting me!

The big hat brunch: Wow, beautiful! I decided to do the brunch with women only and the theme was big hats! I was so proud of myself. Domestic violence is serious and if I can help one women to get out, it would warm my heart. We all know the violence that took place with Jennifer Hudson's family and that could have been me or you! Let's work together and raise awareness of domestic violence!

The Bar-B-Q: DeShawn went out of her way to prepare a special Bar-B-Q for all of us and as you saw, Sheree and Kim decided not to show or call. The comment Kim made about chicken took me back a hundred years! Racist!

FYI: We had lamb and shrimp.

The DNA test: As you saw, Curtis is not my father. My heart broke! I can't believe the secrets people will keep.

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