Porsha Williams' 4 Most Surprising Snafus

Porsha Williams' 4 Most Surprising Snafus

Look back at Porsha Williams' memorable mishaps.

Porsha Williams always delivers the LOLs, but not always on purpose... Join us in this #RHOA retrospective as we look back at some of the standouts. Because honestly, who hasn't had those moments before?

4. Jessica Biel vs. Jessica Alba

Sometimes it's hard telling those celebrity Jessicas apart, especially when listing your favorite entrepreneurs.

3. A Milk Misunderstanding

Things took an unexpected turn when Porsha thought Phaedra was talking about twerking milk rather than squirting milk.

2. How Many Days in a Year?

265 or 365?

1. It's Not a Real Train

Remember that time Porsha forgot that the Underground Railroad did not involve actual trains?

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