Soak in the Gorgeous Views From These 8 Hot Tubs Around the Country

Soak in the Gorgeous Views From These 8 Hot Tubs Around the Country

Who fancies a dip?

By Elizabeth Seward

OK, so maybe Real Housewives of Atlanta's Phaedra Parks has a teeny problem with hot tubs. But if you ask us? There's nothing more divine than a good soak — especially in the depths of winter, and particularly when the tub has a view worthy of a postcard. 

Whether you prefer to sit back and zone out or cozy in close to someone else, these hot tubs all across America — attached to properties available for vacay booking! — come with views for days. (Maybe they'd even get Phaedra to reconsider!)

1. Miami

For an oceanfront hot tub view in Miami, check out this listing. And then imagine yourself sitting in that hot tub as cool breezes blow through and the refreshing beverage in your hand slowly disappears — and then refills. Rinse, repeat.

2. Joshua Tree

Soak up some stunning desert views while staying in Joshua Tree, California. With a beautiful landscape you’ll never forget seeing in real life, Joshua Tree is the perfect destination for a serene escape with expansive views.

3. New York City

Great views of NYC and its buzzing life and lights certainly exist, but they aren’t always easy to come by. Skip the hurdle of searching for rooftop bars by just renting this sweet spot and kicking back in the gorgeous hot tub when it's time to alleviate all of that walking-induced foot pain.

4. Oregon Coast

They call it the people’s coast for a reason! The beaches are accessible and wildly attractive with massive rock formations and luscious cliffs juxtaposed against the soft sand. Take it all in — the crashing waves, the peacefulness, the laid-back atmosphere — while staying in this Oregon Coast rental with a great hot tub view of the ocean.

5. Jackson Hole

If you’re out in this neck of the Wyoming woods, it’s highly likely that you’re on a ski trip. So why not up the apres ski ante by making sure you have a glorious hot tub with a view to come home to like this one?

6. Chicago

The elements can be difficult to deal with in Chicago at times — especially during the grueling winter months. Add a little ease to your trip to Chicago by staying in this posh pad. You’ll be able to come home from a day on the town and decompress in the rooftop hot tub while taking in a view of the town.

7. Vail

No matter what time of the year you’re in Vail, this hot tub with a view of the trees and the sound of a nearby stream (and fresh air we can almost feel ourselves inhaling through the photo!) should certainly be a factor when choosing your accommodations.

8. Portland

Though it’s not an Airbnb rental like the others, we’d be remiss to leave out the amazing soaking pools (which basically feel like being in a giant hot tub) offered at several McMennamin's properties in the Pacific Northwest — notably, at McMennamin’s Kennedy School in Portland, Oregon. First of all, Kennedy School used to actually be a real school and now the classrooms have been converted into guest rooms. As is true to the McMennamin’s tradition, the one-of-a-kind brewery serves up its otherwise obscure beverages at their properties. You can sip on one of these special drinks while lounging in the soaking pool at Kennedy School and taking in a flourishing courtyard view (and dreaming hard about how cool it would be if all old buildings could be turned into something so awesome). 

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