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Nene Leakes' Husband Gregg Says When a Man Cheats, It's the Woman's Fault — So Let's Dig Into That

We spoke to Rori Sassoon, relationship expert and co-founder of upscale matchmaking agency Platinum Poire about Gregg's theory.

By Marianne Garvey
Gregg Leakes

Nene Leakes' husband Gregg Leakes has a strong opinion on why men step out on women. Basically, The Real Housewives of Atlanta husband says, well, it's the woman's fault she can't keep her man from straying.

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"Gregg and I had a great discussion today about relationships! He says, when a man steps out, it’s because something YOU not doing right! Agree? Disagree? He has to be kidding right? My answer to that was BULLS**T! I think he was trying to get under my skin. PS: NO this isn’t about us! It’s a relationship discussion with other couples today. #lifeoftheleakes#chitchat" Nene posted to Instagram. 

Let's get into this insanity. Personal Space spoke to Rori Sassoon, relationship expert and co-founder of upscale matchmaking agency Platinum Poire about Gregg's theory.

"If this is the case … does it work the same if it was the woman stepping out? It’s because there is something he is not doing, right? This is a 'he said, she said' at it’s finest. Every relationship has different issues and it really depends on the situation and circumstances," Sassoon said. 

People cheat for every conceivable reason, she added. 

"In my experience as a relationship expert, I have seen men and women step out for all kinds of reasons. Usually, their needs are not being met whether it be (emotional, physical, mental). There are steps to be taken that can save the relationship before it gets to infidelity. What have both partners done about it?" Sassoon asked.

For a man:

"When a man steps out, I have frequently seen that he feels there is no longer respect in the relationship, he feels that he is a walking wallet, his woman has emasculated him, his needs are not being met," Sassoon said. "Maybe emotionally or physically. Especially a man with a certain status and money, he feels like he is entitled to it. It’s easier for a man to start over as it’s usually the man that makes the first move. So he steps out because he thinks he can and is not willing to do what he needs to see that his needs are met. This is why I always say that a man should love a woman a little more than the woman loves him. He should be so crazy about her that he is not going to cheat on her."

For a woman to remain faithful, the guy "should be emotionally lubricating her," Sassoon said. "Why? Because when he is emotionally massaging her, being sweet and seeing that her needs are met, the relationship should be amazing and delicious. A woman will be turned on and inclined to want to satisfy her partner."

"Either way, it’s not okay for either partner to cheat and you need to be to work your stuff out. You are either going to have reasons to blame your partner so you can step out or you are going to have a relationship that works. Winners take responsibility and losers blame others."

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