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Shamari DeVoe: "It's Petty to Diss Another Woman's Style"

Shamari DeVoe has no regrets about her fashion choices or trying an open marriage.

By Shamari DeVoe
Shamari DeVoe Reveals She's Been in an Open Relationship How were you able to win over Ronnie's mom?  

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Shamari DeVoe: Let me first say that in retrospect, I completely understand why Ma DeVoe had her defenses up when I and Ron first started dating. I was a young 21-year-old woman in love with RONNIE DEVOE, and no mother wants to see her son fall for someone who wants his fame more than his heart. I think I gained her vote by just being my genuine self! My love for Ron has always been authentic, unyielding, and unconditional and I never felt that I had to "win" her over because I always knew what my true intentions were and always felt that eventually she would take notice that I and Ron were meant to be. So, I have no harbored feelings towards her at's water under the bridge for both of us. Do you have any regrets about trying an open marriage? 

SD: It's not that I have any regrets, but more so, I take it as a lesson learned. I learned that we ARE destiny partners and that we will never allow anybody to come between our love bond again. We went through a lot of heartache and pain, but we stayed committed to working it out and were able to overcome our challenges and use our story as our testimony. There may be couples in similar situations that don’t have the courage to share, so I’m willing to take on the burden by sharing my story. Some couples may not be completely honest in their relationship because of fear of being judged by their partner or even losing their partner altogether. So if you’re thinking about trying an open marriage, please don’t do it!!! Figure out how to get back to what brought the two of you together and speak to each other’s love languages. I’m a strong advocate of communication and honesty in relationships and extremely passionate about families staying together. What went through your mind when the ladies were shady about your style?  

SD: I could give a rat's a-- what they or anybody else thinks about my style. Shamari DeVoe wears what Shamari DeVoe wants...not for the pleasure of others. I am me unapologetically and I’m comfortable in my own skin. It’s petty to diss another woman's style choice just because it does not mirror your own. I have more important things to think about than fashion, like my children’s college fund. I stopped playing follow the leader in elementary school. Ultimately, opinions are like a--holes. Everybody’s got one...NEXT! Were you surprised at all by the ladies' response to your having been in an open relationship?  

SD: Not at all. The ladies seemed to be very interested in learning about my past open marriage, and I had no problem with sharing. I do appreciate them for asking me very direct questions to my face, rather than making assumptions behind my back.

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