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Attitude Adjustment

Kandi clears the air about Kim's performance.

By Kandi Burruss Tucker


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Episode 3, where to begin? Well I guess I'll start with Sheree and Dwight first. I didn't get any answers from their conversation. Did Dwight spend 30k or not? If he spent any money, then how much? I was left hanging at the end of that scene, although I did enjoy Sheree showing us how she can be multi-lingual saying "thank you" in different languages. LOL!

Okay, let's get on to me. I have no problem admitting that my attitude sucked. I must have been tired of answering questions in my interview that day. My goodness ... it seemed like every time they cut away to my commentary shots about Kim I answered everything with an attitude. So let me say a few things about that weekend. First off I always enjoy hanging out with Kim. She's so much fun. Now I hate the fact that I said she did okay with her performance. For a new artist who's never performed in front of that many people, I think she did really well. I would just like for her to step up her game when it comes to getting the crowd involved in her performance and talking to the audience while she's performing. That's what I meant about her not knowing how to go off script. I've told her that myself, but she will get better with it as she does more shows and gets more comfortable on stage. My comments on camera came off like a diss, and I definitely didn't mean to diss her in any way. Now what I said about her not taking her music career seriously is true. I think this is something she just does for fun, but I didn't want to take away the fact that she did well when she performed that day.

Now let me go to Phaedra and Apollo. It seems like they have some serious differences of opinion on how they're going to raise their child. That's gonna be interesting. I knew what she meant when she said in a lot of African American households people believe in spanking. I've gotten many growing up. So what do you do when one parent wants to spank and the other one doesn't? I'm curious to see how that turns out. 

Let's move on to her and Apollo's counseling dinner with the couple from the church. HILARIOUS! Did she say that Apollo is not used to more elaborate dishes because he grew up in a white household? And that because he grew up in a white household he's used to canned foods and packed meats? Well that's a twist. Who knew that most black children were raised on elaborate dishes, while white children were raised on canned foods and packed meats ... yeah right! LOL! Well anyway, when Apollo said his love language was quality time and she said hers was gifts, I thought, "Uh oh. Wrong answer." Then she made it worse when she said he could ask her personal shoppers what kind of bags or shoes she liked. Apollo didn't seem to be feeling that at all. I hope that they can work out their issues, because things are looking a little shaky.

Well until next week catch me on twittter @Kandi and get my single "Leave U" on itunes now! Oh yeah, check out my boutique TAGS and shop online. Our website is, and we're celebrating our one year anniversary this month! Yeah!

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