Poppa Problems

Poppa Problems

Kim discusses the last two episodes and responds to the cheating question on Kandi Koated Nights.


Welcome back! I was traveling last weekend, so I was unable to blog. This week I have A LOT to say. 

Last week: My assistant Sweetie and I went over to Kandi's house (South of the border) so I could guest star on her online "sex show" Kandi Koated Nights. The subject of cheating came up, and I immediately knew Big Poppa was going to be discussed. They insisted that I was cheating, because Big Poppa was legally married. NO! The way I see it, if you are separated and live on opposite sides of the country then there is NO relationship. Also Poppa and I lived together for quite some time so ... THANK YOU!

When Kandi and her daughter Riley were having the talk about Riley's father not being around, it really hit a soft spot with me. For the majority of my girls' lives I've been a single parent. It's hard not having a male figure in your girls' lives, but somehow you manage to get through it, and it has made us stronger.  

Now lets talk about that Mothers day brunch that Cynthia had for everyone.

My daughter Brielle WAS sick. Anyone who thinks I would use Brielle as an excuse and lie about her being sick is crazy! Never would I use my child in such a way. She had a fever and strep throat, end of story! MOVING ON!

I was totally with NeNe when she said the thought of her mom using a dildo would put her in the psychiatric ward. I find that utterly insane! It's an image I would NEVER want to think about. 

When Phaedra was saying she's 6 months pregnant but wants her baby out now, something wasn't adding up and clearly all of the other ladies agree. This week she said her "DOCTOR" is going to induce her at six months ... Are you serious? If you don't know when your having your baby, or who the father is, or when you got "knocked up," just admit you don't know instead of lying.

This week: I went into the studio with Kandi to hear "The Ring Didn't Mean a Thing." Right off the bat I was NOT feeling it. Something wasn't right. When I sang a portion of the track with Kandi, I couldn't believe the way I sounded. Either this is SERIOUS editing, or I really needed vocal lessons. I wasn't happy at all. Then Nene and I had lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, Cinco's, we talked about Gregg and Poppa. Gosh, it seemed as though all I did was talk about Poppa, but we did talk about other things too. Anyhow, I played the song for Nene, and she wasn't feeling it either. SO IT WASN'T JUST ME. You will all see how it plays out in the end though, so dont worry. 

For years I have had storage units filled with items. The bill was getting to be so crazy, that I decided to have a garage sale. I asked my Dad to come and help me negotiate prices for my things ... not give them away! He was driving me insane at the time, but now watching it, it's really funny! I went down to two storage units instead of four.

Did you guys hear my little one (Ariana) say she never thought she and Brielle would be working the streets? She is such a mess. I love it. She always has these great one liners. 

When Nene, Cynthia, Phaedra, and I sat down and talked, Phaedra told us she was going to be induced soon. Now listen ... the other ladies and I are clearly not buying any of this s---. 

1. You don't know when you're due?

2. Your baby is 8 lbs at 6 months?

3. Your doctor is allowing you to have a baby at 6 months?


NeNe had me dying when she said, "Stop saying that out loud so people can hear how crazy you really are." HAHA. Too funny!

Next week's episode is going to be a good one. You all are going to be introduced to someone very special to me.

Until next week,




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