Dwight and Fake'dra

Dwight and Fake'dra

NeNe gives her side of the Dwight drama and her impression of Phaedra.

We're back with all the food eating, wine drinking, smack talking drama that only the Housewives of Atlanta can give. I'll be a "lady" and start with myself first! Seeing me and Gregg talk in the kitchen made me sad all over again. Sometimes when you're in certain a situation you don't always see clearly, but I can clearly see Greg still wasn't giving me the full truth. I do believe that there should be no secrets in a relationship. Kim told me that Dwight said he had loaned Gregg $10,000. I knew that number was inflated, because if Dwight had that kind of money, he would have gotten his nose reconstructed  because, "WHO WOULDNT WANNA BREATHE?" Hahaha LOL! I don't even remember saying that, but I obviouly did! 

So I head over to Sheree's house to show her the Life and Style article, but what you guys didn't see was me and Sheree cracking up laughing. Sheree says Kim is a media whore. Stop it girl! You can't get this anywhere but on this show. I love how these girls cut and stab each other then do the whole pretend friend thing. 

Kandi saying she's doing the whole celibacy thing but can have oral sex. Well what's the purpose of celibacy? Kim telling Kandi that she's coming to my house. I gotta agree with Kandi on this one. If you've been "strangled," as she called it, why would you put yourself in even more danger by coming to my house where I could do anything to you behind closed doors? Well you guys can try and figure it out, but my guess would be that Kim thinks she can say whatever she wants whenever she wants, but when I decide to challenge her opinions she immediately becomes "THE VICTIM" and I become "THE BULLY." At least that's what she wants the viewers to believe. There's more there than you're getting! 

The shoe event. I knew Dwight would be there and my intention was to avoid him. As a married woman, I was thinking everything at this point. I've never done anything to Dwight, and if I did, I didn't know it. So when he approached with the "I don't get a hug" BS, I somehow gave up my power, which I vowed to never do again. He showed me how low down and dirty of a friend he was, and I don't want to be around people that would even take me there. Hopefully I can stay true to this. 

Well I saved Phaedra for last. "MISS FAKE'DRA" I like to call her in this episode. Boy did she and Dwight suck all the air out the room with the BS! "The flute," talking about the glass she and Dwight were drinking out of as if we can't see that. Dwight saying to her, "Be careful, you don't wanna mess up those minx toes." Which by the way is played! I thought the newest thing was the gel nails or your natural nails with polish. Oh they talked designers and jewelry. Girl, didn't you watch the show before joining? We've already had the fake bs, superficial materialistic self centered stuff done on the show before, and it didnt go over well with the viewers. A smart business woman would have come with a strategic game plan in place. I guess years of college couldn't teach that, because that's common sense.

Fake'dra saying that she's known me since childhood. Well I wonder why I didn't know her. It's true we're from the same home town and even attended the same high school, but as a child, I never played jump rope, hop scotch, red light green light, kick ball, or hand ball with her. I was a freshman in college and she was a freshman in high school. I don't know what neighborhood she grew up in or who her family is. In fact, I just met her mother the same time the rest of the girls met her, which was just a few months ago. Oh don't you dare forget she said I wasn't "very lady like," but I was the first person she wanted to hug when she walked in the shoe event. Well Fake'dra if you like it, I love it! Sorry we didn't get a chance to play together as kids, but "tag you're it!"

Always your girl, 

Nene Leakes


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