Never Pull Over in Palm Springs

Never Pull Over in Palm Springs's Assistant Editor selects the top three moments of Episode 3.


Welcome back, fellow Atlanta-mals! First off I have to thank Senior Editor Monica of Team Top Chef fame for the kind words last week.  She's sweeter than the perfect chocolate soufflé! Or this photo gallery of Yigit (swoon). But I digress.    

This week we got to fall in love with "Tardy for the Party" all over again. We also got to see a different side of Kim –- the naked side. But before we get to the White Party, NeNe scores the #3 moment: Bonding with Brentt. 

We haven't really seen a lot of Brentt in the past, so it was a pleasant surprise to learn that he's a total sweetheart! When he says that the rumor about Brice being involved with a gang is, "The biggest lie I ever heard in America," my heart pretty much melted. 


Less sweet was the #2 moment: Sheree's fight with Dwight. I have to say, Sheree's one liners are priceless this season. For example, "Is Dwight trying to tell me he spent $30,000 dollars on photo copies? … Come on now." Maybe it's just her delivery, but she's on a roll in my opinion. 

However the real reason I chose this part is because when things start to get heated between Sheree and Dwight's publicist, I had a flashback to my all time favorite Atlanta moment -– the epic battle between Sheree and her party planner in Season 2 (and yes, I do own the "Who Gonna Check Me Boo?" T-shirt. Jealous?). While I'm glad she kept it classy, a small part of me was disappointed she didn't whip out the signature Sheree sass. In case you've forgotten how it plays out, I've included the link here for your viewing pleasure (and my friend Heidi's, because she may be the only person who enjoys this video more than me).


Where to begin with the White Party performance? Kim's tragically unrequited love for attractive gay men, the multiple wardrobe malfunctions, the fact that Kim's boobs might as well have been the seventh and eighth housewives this episode ... If I had to sum it up in three words, I would go with "glittery," "topless," and "magical." Or maybe just "glittery," "topless," and "topless." 

And by the way did anyone else catch all the fabulous cameos? If you watch closely you'll spot Kim Vo and former RuPaul's Drag Race contestants Pandora Boxx and Sonique!  

But before we even arrived in Palm Springs, Kim and Sweetie brought us to the #1 moment: The world's scariest rest stop. Now in my experience service stations along highways generally have fun names (i.e. the "Benjamin Franklin," my personal fave), a Starbucks/Cinnabon and a Sbarros/Burger King, and an assortment of weary travelers hoping that by the time they have consumed some fries and an enormous soda the traffic will have cleared up. 

I'm not sure what airport Kim and Sweetie flew in to, but how far were they from Palm Springs that they had to pull over at a rest stop that could have been the setting for Jeepers Creepers 3? I have to admit, Kim's statement that peeing there was, "The most stressful thing I've done to date," didn't seem ureasonable, since I probably would have been expecting someone to burst in and turn me into a quilt at any moment. So hats off to Kim for powering through, you've earned the top spot.

Now relive the horror of our #1 moment if you dare:


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