Happy New You!

Happy New You!

Phaedra wishes everyone a Happy New Year and a new outlook.

Hello everyone! Welcome back to a new year and new episodes. Finally, the reruns are over! It is 2011, and hopefully you have a new outlook! I am always fascinated by the optimism a new year brings: hope for change, excitement for life, and the possibility of true self-actualization.  

2011 is significant because the number 11 is the master number which represents rare and exceptional energy, much like 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' (which is essential for great television!). The central theme of this week's episode is stepping out of your comfort zone. While stepping out of your comfort zone is never fun, it is imperative for growth. During this episode, I venture out of my comfort zone by inviting Kim to my son's Sip and See at my home, following our confrontation. Kim ventures out of her comfort zone when she leaves her children for the first time to join Kandi for a bus tour. Kandi ventures out of her comfort zone when she elects to have Kim, a novice artist as her opening act for her tour. NeNe also finds herself in an uncomfortable situation when she attempts to interview Jermaine Dupri. Lastly, Cynthia and Peter participate in  premarital counseling and face some challenging issues regarding their relationship and pending nuptials. 

While all of these scenarios are vastly different, everyone wants the same outcome of success and happiness. We all know life is not always easy. Everyone will at some point experience joy, pain, happiness, and sadness.  But, unfortunately, facing those hard tasks and uncomfortable situations head on is sometimes a necessity. Often, when we look into the eye of the storm, God gives us the wisdom and courage we need to walk through it with grace. When I face difficult situations, I am always comforted when I remember the beautiful rainbows that follow horrific storms. My Mom always says, "Trouble doesn't last always, this storm too shall pass!" With this new year, know that you and I have an opportunity to overcome all difficult situations so that we can be rejuvenated, redeemed, and renewed! 

Happy 2011! Happy new you!

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