Show Me the Evidence

Show Me the Evidence

Sheree is relieved that the 30K questions has been resolved.


I am so happy to finally put this $30k dispute to rest! My fashion show was a year ago, and I am just now hearing these rumors, almost laughable. When Dwight arrived with his publicist/body guard I thought this was hilarious.  When I phoned Dwight to express the need for us to talk, we agreed that the two of us would meet and that we didn't need an audience. Hence the reason for meeting at my home. I guess he was thinking that I was going to go NeNe on him, so he brought help! What the publicist/body guard did was come to speak on Dwight's behalf. Dwight barely spoke a word. When he stated that "they" spent a lot of money, I asked if "they" had brought receipts, since the publicist arrived carrying a briefcase which I assumed housed all of the evidence of their spendings. NOT! They both sat there looking ridiculous and had not ONE receipt that they could provide, not even from KINKOS. Blank stare ... Are you serious? After that, I didn't think it was necessary to continue to talk about something or to even lose my cool over this lie. It's not worth it!

Now, I can truly say that I know what a "STUNT QUEEN" is! 

Phaedra's comments were shocking, to say the least!

Now the best for last! The reunion with my daughter Tierra was wonderful. My family is and has always been very close. So, when Tierra decided to move back to Atlanta with a job and a boy/man we were excited to have her home, regardless! She and Damon attended the same school and have been dating for about six years now, so he has been a part of our family for some time now. He's also been a good male figure for my son as well. They are young adults, so there's nothing I could possibly do to stop them from moving in together. I can just continue to pray that they do the right things in life and move in the right direction. I'm happy that Tierra is focusing on getting her career started and trying to be responsible. While I didn't make all of the right choices, I'm glad that I raised Tierra to think and be responsible, to be focused, to be determined, to believe, and to forever be motivated by life.

Having Tierra at a young age made me grow up really quick. It was very hard. I want young girls to know that you are true treasures. Everyone makes mistakes, no one is perfect! I want them to know that they have a purpose on this earth and to never think that they are less than anyone because they made a mistake. Don't give up on your dreams. The goal is to learn from your mistakes and to not continue to repeat them. I'm happy Tierra decided to STOP THE CYCLE!

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