A Smart Business Woman

A Smart Business Woman

Kim explains why she was renting her house.

What a crazy Part 1 of the reunion!

Sheree and NeNe had an argument over the "rich bitch" comment NeNe made, and Sheree brought up NeNe's son. NeNe went off because, "We don't involve kids," but she has tweeted about my children before. I feel like there's a certain line that you can cross but children are off limits! Talk about me, talk about my friends, my finances, whatever, but never my kids. Sheree wasn't talking about NeNe's son, she was trying to figure out why her son was stealing if she was so rich.

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Fighting about Kids
NeNe went on to say she doesn't care about us ladies and what we do doesn't mean anything to her, so I'm not sure why she feels the need to tweet "Kim rents her house." NeNe has never owned a home in her life, and she wants to talk about my living situation? No ma'am!

Kroy was a free agent, and we already own two homes that didn't have the space we wanted for our growing family, so we rented until we knew if he was staying in Atlanta. Now that we know he is, we're buying!  It's called being a smart business woman.
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Dream Home vs Rental Home
Unlike others on the show, I handle my business on and off camera! I try to grow and progress season by season, and I'm not just talking about my "status at the bank." Glad the others are working to catch up.

Until Part 2!

Kim Biermann
The Explosive Reunion Continues
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