Me, Myself, and Wigs

Me, Myself, and Wigs

Kim shares her thoughts on the luncheon drama.

Like I said in last week's blog, I don't appreciate Kandi agreeing with Cynthia. Whether Kandi agreed or not, you're my friend, defend me or say nothing! I have brushed a lot of things off that the other women have said because not all battles are worth fighting, but when I'm accused of being a racist, that's when I speak up!

I don't care about what Cynthia said, because her thoughts mean less than nothing to me. But when my "friend" agrees, I have a problem. Africa would have been a trip of a lifetime, it killed me that I couldn't go, but I had a newborn and wasn't about to leave him. But why do I need to explain myself?

I'll never understand Kandi's reasoning for saying what she said (I know Kandi never said the whole "black baby" thing, Cynthia did) but what she did say about me was hurtful. If she was truly my friend, she would never feel that way.

It's hard to trust people when your own friends seem to think poorly of you. I guess it really is just me, my husband, my children, and my wigs!

Until next week,
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