On Accepting Gifts

On Accepting Gifts

Marlo thinks it's hypocritical for the ladies to call her a ho.

By Marlo Hampton

If you call a woman who receives gifts from men an escort and a ho, what then do you call the men who only date a woman because of the gifts she buys them? Do you call your boyfriend a ho, since he no longer has a job and cannot afford the trips you take him on and the house you live in? Since you do not mind paying for him, judging me seems hypocritical.

And more importantly, we hear about your money, your status, your accomplishments. But we wonder, why does a woman who is so accomplished, who has such status, never have a man on her level? Those of us who live in Atlanta do have the answer to that. We know your reputation outside of the music that you have made. And what we know is that you are not in a position to call anyone a ho.

Our story is already written. Whatever we receive was for us. And all of us receive different gifts. Continue to live your life without concern for other people's gifts. I only wish to congratulate you on yours.

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