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Mixing Business with Housewives

Cynthia recaps the ups and downs of her first pageant.

By Cynthia Bailey

"Never doubt that a group of sharing, caring, and serving people can achieve the impossible."

Hello everyone! Apologies for being a little behind on my blog. I have been in New York City for Fashion Week for the past couple of weeks.

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Just a quick recap of last week, and then I will move on. Is mixing friendship and business a good idea? Well, that depends on the friend, and how much history you have together. Although there are always exceptions to the rule, I believe that mixing business with friendship rarely works out. Business is business, and should never be personal. The Kenya and Phaedra Battle of the Butts is a perfect example. These girls seemed to have really hit it off when they first met and became friends. Unfortunately, because of a business deal gone bad, they have apparently broken all ties. It was really painful to watch Phaedra and Kenya's friendship fall to pieces, and I would never want to go down that road with any of the ladies.

I am naturally a nice person and will give anyone the benefit of the doubt. I have often been accused of actually being "too nice." I have to get out of the habit of jumping into relationships with new friends before I really get to know them. I have only myself to blame when things don't work out, and I accept full responsibility. Maintaining relationships (old and new) mean more to me than doing business together. Good friends are hard to find!Miss Renaissance 2012 was a success! Of course this was my first pageant, and it was far from perfect. Although I am super proud that I actually pulled the pageant off, I clearly have more than a few kinks to work out! My mission was to create a platform to give my pageant girls inspiration, empowerment, and an amazing experience! From all the love that I received from them (as well as their parents) after the pageant, I know that my mission was accomplished! I was so proud of each and every one of them.

The Pageant is Happening!

This was an incredible journey for me, and I could have not done it alone. Thank you to my longtime friend Boris Kodjoe for clearing his busy schedule to co-host Miss Renaissance 2012. Your kindness and support meant the world to me, and even more to the girls. BTW in a  perfect Cynthia Bailey world, a suit would have been nice. LOL! Seriously, at the end of the day, the only thing that really mattered is that you were there and had my back 100%! I would like to also thank Kenya for being a judge. Despite our differences, we do share the same passion to uplift and empower young girls. You were, dare I say, GONE WITH THE WIND FABULOUS! Phaedra, Kandi, and Porsha thank you all for coming and supporting my big night! Your kind words were appreciated and truly meant a lot to me.SPECIAL THANKS TO:
The Bailey Agency Staff and My Bailey Boys!   
Peter Thomas and Noelle Robinson

Cyrus Frakes - King of the Crown
Letricia Loftin- Sisterly Grace Studios

Carly Mathis
Judy Mauldin
Kenya Moore
Jackson Ratcliffe
Melanie Sanders
Jay Sharpe
Ebony Steele
Jill Stratton
April Trigg
Reggie Wells
Greg Woodlief
Nana Meriwether
Sam Holder
Adrienne Watson Carver
Marcia Dore
Marcus Jackson
Satchel Jester
Liz Okonowo
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Hair Couture by Cynthia Bailey
Iman Cosmetics
The J. Spot Salon
Jay Sharpe
Miss Jessie's
Passport to Discovery
The Bailey Agency School of Fashion
Vita Coco
Georgia International Convention CenterThank you, Letricia, for also being  pageant coach for Miss Renaissance 2012! I will never forget how much time, love, and dedication you put into my pageant. You were there with me from the beginning, and I could not have done this without you. I love you and thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Letricia Loftin is the owner of Sisterly Grace Studios (dance. modeling. charm) with locations in Richmond VA, Charlotte NC, Tri-Cities VA, and opening soon in DC/MD and Atlanta GA. She has worked and competed in several pageant circuits that include: Miss America, Mrs. America, Miss United States, National American Miss, and Miss Exquisite.  Letricia serves as a pageant coach and has coached double-digit winning pageant queens. Pageantry is in her blood; so much so that Letricia has landed four crowns herself, as well as all three of her daughters, her sister, niece, cousin, second cousin, and even her mom.
The two charities chosen for the Cynthia Bailey presents Miss Renaissance Pageant 2012 were Easter Seals North Georgia and the Sophie's Voice Foundation.

Easter Seals has been providing services to children in Georgia for more than 50 years. Easter Seals was founded to provide therapy to children rehabilitating from polio. Since then, the organization has expanded its services to meet the needs of children with disabilities and other special needs living in North Georgia. Easter Seals North Georgia, Inc. is an affiliate of the Easter Seals National organization. For more information on Easter Seals North Georgia, visit Sophie's Voice Foundation is a charitable organization supporting family outreach programs, prenatal education and surgical studies for children and adults with Spina Bifida. The foundation was founded in 2008 by actors Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker in honor of their daughter Sophie who was diagnosed with Spina Bifida at birth. The news hit hard, but through consulting with various specialists and by educating themselves they found a way to address their daughter’s needs and provide her with the best care and treatment available today. For more information on The Sophie’s Voice Foundation, visit

FYI: There seems to be some confusion about the young lady that Kenya brought by The Bailey Agency to meet me. I received some tweets that implied that she won Miss Renaissance, and that I rigged the pageant for her to win for Kenya.

A. I would never do anything that unethical.
B. I had no involvement in the judging process.
C. The young lady did not end up participating  in Miss Renasssiasnce 2012, therefore it was not possible for her to win. 

For information about Miss Renaissance 2013, go to We are now accepting applications. Click on the link below. Tune in next week to RHOA at 8pm on Bravo. Girls trip to LA to visit NeNe and then off to Vegas! I appreciate and love you guys!

Welcome to Hollywood!

Cynthia Bailey

Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @cynthiabailey10
The Miss Renaissance Pageant Link is:

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