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Kenya's Curves are Real!

Kenya Moore is tired of the accusations that her booty is fake.

By Kenya Moore


I never said I was not dramatic. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I am very reactionary. What I will NOT do is pretend someone isn’t present who is. I believe that is why I am so vocal and confrontational when there is a problem, because I will not ignore a problem and or people. It actually takes more energy to physically ignore someone. With that said, this is a personal issue that I have been through my entire life with my mother, and I will not ignore others.


For me, “he” will never get the satisfaction of being able to talk to me ever again for the utterly nasty things he did and said to me on and off camera. The same person as recently as a week ago consistently calls radio stations, tweets my bosses asking for interviews to slander me, and reaches out to numerous media outlets DURING my interviews to intimidate me. Lastly and most notably, he tried to hurt and humiliate me by calculated design to gain negative attention for him during his now expired 15 minutes. For me, that is a definition of a stalker and horrible person. As far as the criticism from my friends, no one can judge you unless they have walked a mile in my shoes. However, I take full responsibility for dating someone who never deserved me in the first place. I know now that I deserve so much better. I’ve learned that men who date someone out of their league are constantly seeking the life you have. Having said that, Cynthia was correct and I truly appreciated her advice. I am reasonable and can listen to someone cares about you as she does. I can’t let someone upset me with their presence. I can’t allow someone to evoke negative emotions when they are no longer a part of my life. Thank God I was able to move on from him. My life is in a much better place, and I’m so thankful for all of my blessings. I thank my ex for being the biggest douche bag that I’ve ever dated, because now my true King can claim his Queen.

Cynthia Scolds Kenya

When Phaedra takes the “fake” jabs at me dating back to MANY episodes ago when Kandi first told her of my video, my recent shady responses are now reflective of that.  I never throw the first punch, but I will knock you out.  I only have so many cheeks to turn. If you have been watching the show, it’s obvious that I work out 5-6 times a week. I have 18% body fat at 5’10” and weigh a healthy 145lbs. I’ve been on covers and in countless men’s magazines like Maxim, and I am known for my Beyonce-like bootylicious curves. Phaedra’s only card to play is that my posterior is not natural.  It’s getting real old phony Phae Phae. My loyal fans, who have seen me through the years, know that those comments are being made out of spite in an effort to negatively impact my video sales. My bum goes up and down with my weight, and no silicone in the world does that. This is a prime example of what I mean when I say Phaedra is dirty. She goes for the jugular.  When angered, she attacks you on every level imaginable. (I’m an alcoholic, bipolar, have a fake booty, crazy). Let’s set the record straight... I won the swimsuit competition in Miss USA and 2nd in Miss Universe. I was younger and much thinner (128) and these curves were there 20 years ago. Enough said.
Dueling Work Out Videos
Rather than focus all her energy in slinging mud at me Phaedra could have taken the time to actually workout rather than trying to make a gimmicky workout versus an actual fitness DVD. At the end of the day, whether you believe my glutes are real or not, my entire body speaks for itself. I’m not perfect, but I feel great and at 42 years old, I’m a walking billboard for fitness, and I’m proud to look the way I do. It is an aggregate of a healthy diet and dedication to fitness. For the record, Phaedra is not fat. However, in my honest opinion, her BMI (body mass index) is too high to be in a healthy range for someone her height.  This is evident in her video that emphasizes the additional belly fat that she is desperately trying to disguise with compression garments.  Also, she looks good for someone who has had a baby two plus years ago, but not for someone trying to tout a fitness DVD that has not worked on her.


My BOOTY BOOT CAMP DVD does not come with Photoshop, and it will give you results. I’m happy to say that I have outsold most fitness DVDs on Amazon in less than 30 days of release. I have outranked the amazing and beautiful Bethenny Frankel and Phaedra on their charts peaking at #8.  I stand strongly behind my BOOTY BOOT CAMP workout and am happy to share my secrets on how I have stayed fit all these years. My video focuses on your entire body and there are actually three separate workouts in one video plus a bonus abdominal workout to get you six-pack ready for summer. Now let’s get GONE WITH THE WIND FABULOUS for summer!To order my Booty Boot Camp for $12.95, please go to KENYAMOORE.COM for the link or Barnes and Noble stores worldwide.  More stores in May!

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