Kenya: "My Dad Always Speaks HIS Truth"

Kenya: "My Dad Always Speaks HIS Truth"

Kenya opens up about her dad and why she was OK with some of NeNe and Cynthia's shady comments.


I was excited to see my dad as I hadn’t seen him in years. My dad always speaks HIS truth. Sometimes it can be off-putting, polarizing, and misunderstood but underneath it all has a heart of gold and would do anything for his family. Sound familiar?


Still fresh from moving in, it was good to have my friends over to share a glass of wine and giggle. I loved the interaction with NeNe and my dad. Can you imagine those two together?  Also, pranking NeNe and Cynthia about helping to paint was hysterical. Oh and yes, I can take their jokes and their shade they throw out at me -- it works both ways. Note to Cynthia, last I checked a brand new Bentley GTC is a $225,000 car so that must be a lot of ass…DVDs to sell! LOL! I’m blessed to have a dream car in my driveway and regardless of how or by whom it was purchased, I’m proud and blessed that I am self-made and can afford to drive whatever I please and my name is on the title. FOR PLAY

I also poked fun at NeNe not wanting to participate in Kandi’s “chiterling circuit play.”  This is an affectionate term dating back to collective name given to the string of performance venues throughout the eastern, southern, and upper mid-west areas of the United States that were safe and acceptable for Black musicians, comedians, and other entertainers to perform in during the age of racial segregation in the United States as well as the venues that contemporary Black soul and blues performers, especially in the South, continue to appear at regularly. Point being, it wasn’t shade. I know nothing about Kandi’s play at this point. I’m just proud of Kandi and that she has the desire to extend her brand and live her dreams. She’s an astute businesswoman and that cannot be overlooked nor underestimated.

As for NeNe, I encouraged her to participate, as it may only be 2 weeks of her time. Having said that, even if NeNe feels she is in a place in her career that she wants to make a business decision not to act in Kandi’s play, we can only respect that. Business is business. However, keep it real… Don’t say it’s because you are “busy.”  Being busy shopping doesn’t count.


I always start off being nice to anyone I first meet. I complimented Cynthia’s sister Malorie on how beautiful she is. Cut to Malorie getting caught in the wrong. She then tried to insult me for attempting to have an intelligent, tempered discussion on her bad form regarding moving into Cynthia and Peter’s house without notice or permission. Bad move. But there is something about Mal I like, so I stay calm. Stay tuned…DIVORCE PARTY?

We all handle situations differently. Maybe it is a bit insensitive of me to be tired of hearing about it. However, from the beginning, when I hear one call their ex all kinds of gay queens, wanting to keep their ex’s last name after they’ve slandered them, wanting a big divorce settlement after 2 years of marriage with no property and no children together, having employment of your own, or stating they will come back if the money is right and if he deals with his demons. These blaring oxymoronic statements and feelings have strained my tolerance for this constant display of unsubstantiated emotional fragility. Therefore, I don’t have a lot of sympathy towards the situation. I do however think both Kandi and Phaedra attempted to give sound financial advice. There’s only so much you can do.




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