Recap: #RHOA Bitchfest 2014

Recap: #RHOA Bitchfest 2014

Ep 20: Leave it to Gregg to reunite NeNe, Cynthia, and Peter.

The Mexico trip has come to an end, and not a moment too soon. If these people spent any more time cooped up together, I'm fairly certain they'd all twirl themselves into madness. 

Now we pick up right after NeNe calls Peter a bitch. If you've forgotten what went down, enjoy this play-by-play breakdown of last week's blowout:


So yeah, not exactly the best way to end a vacation. NeNe's face (as usual) said it all:


Let's just hope they didn't all have to sit together on the plane back.

Back in the ATL, Kandi's musical is moving full steam ahead. Well, except for the matter of Porsha's contract, due to her list of demands.


Yep, it was that long and included having equal billing with Eddie Levert as well as her own dressing room (even though Kandi isn't even getting her own dressing room). Don Juan and Kandi were not amused, but plan on working something out with Porsha's manager.
Meanwhile our dueling couples dealt with the fallout of the Mexico fight, which was far worse than any tequila shot-based hangover. NeNe and Gregg think it was not a huge deal and that they can easily sort it out, while Cynthia and Peter aren't quite so optimistic. If Cynthia doesn't hear an apology, she's ready to rip up that friend contract on the spot.


Kandi goes back to school to reward two students from her alma mater with spots in her musical, which was lovely to see. But even more touching was when Kandi broke down after they surprised her with her old drama teacher. She legit shed tears upon seeing this woman, so clearly this was one of those inspirational teachers that people make movies about.


Over at Chez Twirl Marlo showed up with some mysteriously pink fizzy drink, and the ladies caught up on Mexico. More importantly however, Kenya also invited over a parenting coach, who gave her one of those middle school health class robot babies to take care of. I guess that shaman's spell only intensified Kenya's baby fever. But I did have to question how seriously she was taking this robot baby training when this happened:


Also Velvet stole the scene by running around with one ear down:

Back at musical mania, Porsha is MIA from rehearsal and ever the curmudgeon/resident pessimist, Don Juan is ready to cut Porsha loose already. Kandi's nervous, but she believes Porsha will come through.


What's Porsha been up to you ask? Evidently having a Sheree-style independence party with her girlfriends at the club! And speaking of clubs, the newly single Porsha managed to catch the attention of a cute professional golfer (he probably could have done with a bit less gel, but still cute).


Get it, girl!

And then finally the first meeting of the Leakes and the Bailey-Thomas clan. NeNe and Gregg came in full of apologies, which was a relief, although it was tense for a moment when NeNe pulled the "I wasn't calling you a bitch, you were just acting like a bitch" apology. Always a dicey approach, and the word "bitch" was probably said a few too many times. And Cynthia could have played a littler harder to get rather than immediately offering her cocktail to NeNe and ordering a new one. But in the end Gregg brought everyone together with some hand holding, and it appears that they're all back on track.


Next week tragedy strikes for Kenya, and Todd confronts Mama Joyce one-on-one.


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