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Claudia on Meeting the 'Wives

Claudia Jordan reveals that she actually met Kandi Burruss years ago -- while filming a Jagged Edge video!

By Claudia Jordan What was your first impression of the ladies at Cynthia’s event?
Claudia Jordan: Well I had met Kandi a few times throughout the years. I was casted in Jagged Edge's first video when Kandi was managing them. I remember seeing her on set and always respected her, because I knew she was a young woman doing her thing and I have ALWAYS been the type to give successful women their props! I think if you blink you will miss me in that video, but I do remember seeing Kandi there. She was very nice and welcoming when I ran into her at Bar One. I like Kandi! 

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Cynthia has the most kind and welcoming energy! I remember she looked me in the eye and said, "I'm really looking forward to getting to know you!" I thought she was very sweet and I was happy and grateful that she was so open to a new woman in the group. Not all women would be so open-minded and they don't HAVE to, so when it does happen, I truly appreciate it! Were you surprised Apollo showed up?
CJ: Hmm, I guess nothing surprises me -- but it did kind of throw me off that Apollo showed up without his wife. I didn't know the status of their relationship, but as far as I knew they were still married, so him showing up to the event was a little odd. But I was aware he was friends with Peter and Todd so I just figured that he was coming to hang out with his boys. But then when he asked to speak to Kenya, I was a little pleased by that, because I think it's something that needed to happen. This whole Apollo/Kenya thing has really been an issue for Kenya, and I know she was very frustrated that this lie would not go away. It was time for them to have closure on that situation. How shocked were you by Apollo saying he lied about seeing Kenya in LA?
CJ: Well I had heard the story already that it did NOT happen, so I wasn't shocked that it came out. I was surprised however that Apollo decided to confess publicly. That one lie caused so many people to form a negative opinion of Kenya and made some people feel justified to call Kenya the "W" word, and that is just not that cool. It seems to me that that word gets thrown around a lot amongst this group. That label is something that is so hard to shake once someone decides to deem a woman a "whore." But the fact is that Apollo saying he had seen Kenya in LA is just such a blatant lie! Like wow! Imagine how different these past couple of years may have been for all of these women had this lie not been told. They may have been great friends -- and now we will never know because of a lie. I just find it funny that folks pick and choose when they want to take someone's word. The truth should not only be viewed as the truth only if/when it helps your agenda. Be fair…that's the best way to be! Glad the truth is out and perhaps the healing can begin!


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