GIF Recap: Lessons in Reading

GIF Recap: Lessons in Reading

Ep 10: The 'Wives didn't hold back this week...

By Andrew Herrmann

Welcome to our weekly GIF-cap, where we provide the 3 best GIFs from each episode!

Get out of the library, because the Atlanta 'Wives were reading everyone to filth -- and no one was safe.

Claudia may have brought Kenya along for moral support as she tackled her gnarly foot issues, but she probably wasn't to thrilled about that decision when this was Kenya's reaction:

To Kenya's credit, they were pretty bad.

Meanwhile Phaedra had some very, shall we say, interesting things to say about Demetria, between asking whether she had ever done crack and why she didn't try and be a pop star when she was more of a "tulip."

That head shake plus eye roll combo is a truly advanced technique, so don't try it at home, kids.

But it was when all the girls got together in Puerto Rico that things really went off the rails. During an incredibly awkward dinner where Demetria called out Phaedra, new 'Wife Claudia didn't hold back and went in on NeNe:

These two went into a full on read-fest that will certainly go down in the #RHOA history books as a legendary war of the words.

And if you're dying to relive it (or just want to take some notes), check out the full version:

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