Kenya: NeNe Doesn't Want to Like Me

Kenya: NeNe Doesn't Want to Like Me

Kenya Moore weighs in on NeNe Leakes' behavior at the party. Did you and Aunt Lori enjoy your spa day?
Kenya Moore: I love any day that involves the spa and my Aunt Lori. It was a really interesting spa with all natural ingredients grown in their backyard or found organically, and we got to choose which ones we wanted for our facial. And the smoothies we had afterwards were amazing too! How do you think Claudia did on Kandi Koated Nights? Would you ever go on as a guest?

KM: Claudia has not edit button so a show like Kandi Koated Nights is the perfect environment for her! And the new set looks great! I don't know if I'd ever go on the show, I'm pretty private about my sex life. I think that show is for the ladies who are not afraid to admit they are freaky! LOL!

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Did Claudia Fool Around with Jamie Foxx? Were you surprised that NeNe gave you the cold shoulder at Kandi's party?
KM: They spent my first season accusing me of being bipolar, and yet you see examples time and time again of this out-of-the-blue, flippant, erratic behavior from NeNe. I can say that nothing surprises me anymore coming from NeNe. The bottom line is she and her beastly gang don't want to like me. So the queen of "keeping it real" manages to keep it real fake yet again. Do you think Demetria should have walked out of the party after the bomb about Roger Bobb was dropped?
KM: We all handle things in different ways. I believe she is in love with Roger Bobb and was hurt to hear he may have been cheating. There must have been a million things going through her head and her heart; she felt she needed to leave and I respect that choice.

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Did Roger Bobb Cheat on Demetria?


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