Phaedra: I Love Kandi

Phaedra: I Love Kandi

Phaedra Parks opens up about Kandi Burruss and explains why she didn't accept Cynthia Bailey's apology. Why didn't you think Cynthia's apology was genuine?
Phaedra Parks: There’s apologizing and then there is “apologizing.” In one breath Cynthia is telling me she is sorry, and in the next she is lobbing insulting remarks at me. If someone is truly sorry for what they have done or said, it is reflected in their actions. Saying the words “I am sorry” does not mean much if the disrespectful and nasty behavior continues. As a mother, wife, and purported professional, I think Cynthia should have been more responsible and thoughtful from the beginning.

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Cynthia and Phaedra Argue Over Their Jobs Did you and Kandi finally put your issues to rest at the reunion?
PP: As far as I am concerned, I have no issues with Kandi. I made one comment that has been blown way out of proportion. I love Kandi.

Kandi Breaks Down Over Phaedra

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