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Phaedra: "NeNe Made a Fair Observation"

Phaedra Parks dishes on the spa day with the girls and Kenya Moore's breakdown.

By Phaedra Parks What did you think when NeNe said she did not believe Apollo was lying about Kenya, or, in other words, that Apollo was "lying about lying"?
Phaedra Parks: Given the circumstances, I believe that NeNe was being a very supportive friend to me. Hurt people, hurt people. And NeNe observed that Apollo was coming from a place of anger and self-inflicted pain. All in all, I think NeNe made a fair observation. She has also witnessed Kenya's unladylike, disrespectful behavior with men so it was easy for her, and anyone else, to conclude that Kenya is not innocent. There has been so much lying and manipulation going on and it is not a constructive use of my time to keep score. In the end, it really doesn’t matter to me whether Apollo was telling the truth about what happened with Kenya. What matters to me is that I have two fine young boys who are growing up without a father, and the person I thought was going to be my life partner decided to take another path.

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[video_clip_url:] What were your thoughts on Apollo's conversation with Peter?
PP: All you needed was one more person and it could have been a Three Stooges movie.

[video_clip_url:] Did you end up getting Ayden a puppy?
PP: We did not get a puppy that day; Ayden and I decided we would like a toy puppy so that he and his brother could handle it better. At that moment in time, our lives were about to be turned upside down, and I felt it wasn’t the right moment to introduce a dog into the family. Now that things are getting back to normal, we can think about getting a dog. We are open to suggestions regarding child-friendly, easy dogs. Although I’m trying to figure out exactly how a Southern Belle "scoops poop"! What did you think about Kenya's breakdown with Kandi?
PP: Kenya is being Kenya; twirling on an emotional rollercoaster in an effort to gain sympathy. Playing victim is a tool of distraction people use to get others to forget the role they played in a situation. Kenya wants everyone to forget that she is the person who brought up the texts in the first place (and beat the subject to death), flaunted inappropriate, flirty behavior with numerous men, and repeatedly lied about her male suitors or lack thereof. You cannot make it so easy for people to believe salacious stories about you and then expect pity when one story may not be true.


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