Phaedra: Being a Mom is My First Priority

Phaedra: Being a Mom is My First Priority

Phaedra Parks explains why she missed the boat trip. 

Kim Fields Breaks Down What did you end up purchasing during the shopping trip with Porsha?
Phaedra Parks: Every so often, even a Southern lady needs to get a little something to add some spice into her recipes; let’s just leave it at that. Were your surprised when Kim Fields teared-up during your conversation?
PP: I was glad Kim felt comfortable enough to express her feelings and confide in me. She is like a lot of women who make time for family and career but forget about themselves. It is so important for women to take care of themselves, whether it be pampering at the salon, working out at the gym, going out for a ladies’ night, or whatever it is they enjoy. Kim is so devoted to her family that she doesn’t take any time for herself. I am happy the two of us were able to spend time together and have a great conversation. Were you sad to miss out on the boat trip?
PP: I had every intention of joining the ladies for the boat trip. Unfortunately, both of my sons came down with ear infections and viral tonsillitis the evening before. They were miserable and really needed to be comforted by me. Being a mom is my first priority, and no boat trip could ever keep me from soothing my ailing sons. The real reality is motherhood often includes many sleepless nights, very long days, and sometimes you have to drop what you're doing and put on your mommy cape for you children. While the girls were drinking like fish and becoming senselessly sensitive, I was doing what was most important, being mommy to the Prince and President.

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