Phaedra: "Our Friendship Took a Bit of a Beating"

Phaedra: "Our Friendship Took a Bit of a Beating"

Phaedra Parks opens up about her relationship with Kandi Burruss.

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Kandi Burruss and Phaedra Parks Fix Their Friendship What inspired you to invite Cynthia to tea? Have you repaired your friendship?
Phaedra Parks: Cynthia was in rough waters, and as someone who has been there, I can empathize. The two of us have never been close, and while there were still some unresolved issues between us, I wanted to try and put that aside and reach out to her. I do not wish ill fate upon anyone, friend or foe, and if I have an opportunity to be supportive of someone who needs a friend, I am going to do what I can. I do not know if Cynthia and I are ever going to be close friends, so I’m not necessarily concerned about repairing our relationship. This was more of an instance where I was reaching out to another person in need for the greater good. She has apologized, I accepted her apology, and we are fine. What did you think of Porsha's new man, Duke?
PP: I really did not spend much time with Duke. However, he seemed like a nice guy. I know Porsha very much wants to find love, get married, and have a family like most women. As her friend I want her to have her heart’s desire. However I do not want her to rush into anything before she is certain it is right. Porsha is a kind, sincere person, and I want only the best for her. Did you feel like you and Kandi ironed out your issues once and for all?
PP: I think ultimately time will tell, but I am hoping we are on the right track. The two of us had a close bond. Kandi will always have a place in my heart. The past year was very difficult for me, and there were instances where our relationship was tested. Communication wasn’t always what it should have been, and I think our friendship took a bit of a beating. I am, however, optimistic that our connection is strong enough to withstand some turbulence and in the end we will be OK. I was a bit confused by the comments made by Kandi’s employee after I left; I am not sure why he had such a thorn in his side about me. He eavesdropped on our conversation, snuck out, and then waited until I left to speak his mind; which is the very definition of a coward. But I trust Kandi will not be influenced by such nonsense.


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