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Sheree: I Knew Kenya Would Be Intimidated by My Return

Sheree Whitfield has some advice for Kenya Moore...

By Shereé Whitfield
Kenya and Sheree's Shady Showdown

Hey guys, let me say first and foremost a big thank you to all of you who have supported me throughout the years and continued to rally for my return. Trust me, the effort, support, and love have not gone overlooked! You guys spoke, and someone listened! Bravo (literally). The power of the people, you guys are truly amazing!

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What's been going on with me since I departed? Well, I can say my life have been much more peaceful, LOL! Aside from continuing to work on myself, I’m still a full-time mom to my kids. My youngest daughter Kaleigh just turned 16-years-old and keeps me pretty busy with her intense schedule. A few months ago, I dropped my son Kairo off to college, and he's doing very well there. My oldest daughter, Tierra, is single, independent, and one of my best workouts buddies. I recently met my 51 year old sister Mary for the first time, which was amazing because for some reason I wasn't sure we would ever meet. My mom had been searching for her for years. Turns out this world is indeed very small! We grew up in the same neighborhood all the while not knowing of each other. She and her family also know some of my family members. Just bizarre! It's been interesting getting to know each other and trying to blend our families.

As many of you all know, I have always been passionate about health and fitness. It's an awesome feeling helping others feel better about themselves and helping boost their confidence! So, in between helping others get healthy and fit, I've also Co-Executive Produced a real estate based reality show (Selling It in the ATL) that is now airing on Thursdays at 10pm EST on WeTV and am working on a few other projects, continuing to look for new content to put on air.

Since I've been gone, I've kept in contact with Cynthia. Our daughters are the same age and used to take an acting class together. Big ups to Cynthia, who actually reached out to me and apologized for not really being able to take the time to get to know me when we were on the show together. I also run into Kandi and Phaedra occasionally, we run in similar circles. With that said, I'm excited about getting to know the girls I don't know and having some good old laughs with the ones I do!

Now on to my first day back! So great seeing the ladies...well, most of them!

Wait, I have to say that Phaedra Parks was giving me my life! Absolutely hilarious! #OatmealPieFace

Wow, what a first date with Kenya! What did I just walk into? Let me start by saying that I've met Kenya once or twice in passing through our mutual friend. It was only a hello! I've never sat and had a drink with her, broke bread with her, or had a conversation with her, so of course I was completely caught off guard and just as surprised as the other girls that someone would go into attack mode after less than two minutes of being in my presence when they didn't know me! I knew she would be intimidated by my return. However, I did not realize that she would act so desperately! It only makes sense that you would come for me after all -- I am the veteran, the OG. Isn't this the same girl that screams, “Don't come for me unless I send for you?” Well, I don't recall sending for that package. Truth be told, what Kenya thinks about me is none of my business. However, let's be clear on a few things... Let me first welcome you, Kenya, to "MY neighborhood"! I've been in "the neighborhood" for fifteen years and counting. Not sure what so-called "neighbors" Kenya spoke to about me, but what she should have discussed with them was the house she purchased that everyone in "the neighborhood" knows to steer clear of! Now as a smart business woman, instead of being all up in someone else's business, she should have inquired about the home she purchased in the ditch. She should have asked the so-called neighbors, “Is my house really sinking off the back hill? What should I do about this cracked foundation? How long has all of this mold been here? It's everywhere! How many floods can and have this house sustained? Should I keep scuba gear on deck? Why have there been so many buyers in the last year or two? Should I just start from scratch and tear this down? How will my guest get down my driveway without injuring themselves? Should I take Shereè some cookies? I heard she likes chocolate chip cookies!” I could go on, but no need, I'm sure you get the point. There are so many other questions or conversations that should have been had with the so-called "neighbors"! Girl, bye.

As a woman who took on an enormous project with my family and clearly got in way over my head, I would have thought that this is the one thing that we would have in common as two women delving into major construction projects and that we could possibly learn from our mistakes, help support and guide each other, and share our hiccups and mishaps so the other could possibly avoid them. What was I thinking about with this one? Silly me!

#ChateauSheree vs #MoldManor


Twitter: @IamSheree
Instagram: @ShereeWhitfield

Until next time…

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